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Electric cars might be simpler to operate and cheaper, but nitro cars bring the extra fun and the extra speed that many of us crave for. And if that weren’t enough, nitro cars have many modern features that make them resemble track racing cars. There are also models, like the HPI RS4 EVO that can be custom built, many details being up to you.


In addition to this, if you plan on buying a nitro RC car you should know that you can purchase an off-road or an on-road model. The option is all yours and it depends on your needs. You might be interested in speed racing on a track (for that purpose the Street Force SP2 is an excellent choice) or you might be more attracted to the idea of driving on rough terrain. The off-road cars might need more maintenance than the on-road ones, but if you compare them in terms of fun, the on-road nitro RC cars stand no chance.

Moreover, even if this type of car is affected especially by cold days, once you get it running you will realize that the trouble is worth, because nitro cars will always run a longer time and at a faster speed than an electric car. And even if they require a little bit more maintenance, because they are equipped with an engine, the experience might prove useful in the end because it may help you improve your skills.

Nitro RC car

You can buy a nitro RC car in three different ways: “ATR”(Almost Ready To Run), meaning that the car has all the parts, except the motor and the radio gear and it was also pre-painted. Another way is “RTR” (Ready To Run), when both the motor and the gear are installed and the body is pre-painted. If you are good with tools you can choose the kit form, but that means you will have to add the components, piece by piece, to the chassis. It might be exciting to do the work yourself, but it will definitely be a challenge for some of us. But if you want to try, luckily for us, any nitro RC car comes with a very easy to understand instruction manual and if things go not so good you can go to a local shop at any time. So maybe we shouldn’t be so afraid to try.

When it comes to accessories, nitro RC cars suppose a lot of extra field equipment that you have to carry around when you travel. The most important elements of this field equipment are the electric starter, the glow plug igniter and of course fuel. Some cleaning items might prove useful as well in case any oil gets on the car. But the extra luggage might seem light after having fun speeding on the track or driving over humps and bumps.

Buying a nitro RC car might prove to be a good way to relax. Travelling might become about more than just discovering new and exciting places. It might become all about driving experiences. Who doesn’t want a holiday all about fun and games?

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