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Whether you just bought a car or already owning a car, you simply cannot help yourself checking out the state of the car’s audio system. If you just got the car, you’ll simply want to know what kind of sounds you can expect, and if the stereo is unsatisfying you’ll get a better one. If you’ve had your car for some time, you’ll probably think that yours is getting old and is up for a replacement. Yet in both cases you’re in a pickle, what do you do with the one you already have. Here are some pointers into getting rid of your buzzing stereo and get a crystal clear new one.

Buy Sell Car Stereo

The fastest answer is also the most obvious one, head online and access the monster auction website known as eBay. That is the best possible place to sell audio equipment such as the stereo and eventually some speakers if you plan on making larger modifications. Because of the incredible number of visitors that log on to eBay every single day, you have a huge chance of selling your equipment for a good price and in record time. You have to realize that all those people access eBay every day with the sole purpose of purchasing something, thus making it the perfect market. One thing you need to be careful though. Make sure you enroll the item into the correct category.

To get a better idea about your stereo’s value, you should check out some of eBay’s auctions (that have finished) and see the winning bid for a similar model. This will give you a good idea about your stereo’s value. For that you should go to the left side of the web frame where you will find “completed items”. Snoop around and you will find how much money others got for their stereos. If you use a similar starting price and a similar format, you should get close results to them. Before you enroll the item in a bid you should prove an accurate and complete description of the item you’re selling. Make sure to enter all the details of the sale and the shipping costs (in case you plan on covering them). Make sure to give a prompt and precise response to any questions that might come your way about the stereo. After the bid is over, contact the highest bidder as soon as possible and work out all the aspects of the sale, don’t forget about shipping and other pertinent data, than ship the audio equipment.

Another, less popular way is to access a forum or a newsgroup. Most of them have a specially designated place where you can post your goods for sale, just, once again, be careful where you post because you risk getting a warning or worse. Forums are often points of interest, especially if the forum is a local one. Though it has way fewer viewers than eBay, at least you won’t have to worry about transportation, shipping problems and all that, since you can meet with the buyer in a minutes.

And finally you can resort to classified ads. If you don’t feel like going online, than classified ads on paper might do the trick. The only problem a classified ad poses is that it forces you to present your merchandise to a stranger that already knows you are coming with something that could be valuable. Therefore you are put in a situation that is uncomfortable and could be possibly dangerous. It may sound ridiculous, but how many car owners have you heard complain that their stereo was stolen?

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