Cadillac Converj might enter production soon |

It seems that GM is bent on having a larger presence in the all-electric car market and the upcoming Chevrolet Volt won’t be the only model it has planned, as sources are now indicating that the Cadillac Converj concept, shown at the Detroit Motor Show, might make its way into production.

But before you start celebrating this decision, bear in mind it is only a rumor and it won’t be until some time has passed since the late 2010 release of the Volt that GM would launch another electric vehicle, based on the Voltec system.

Either way, the Converj made a lot of heads turn in Detroit, and might certainly be on the most attractive electric vehicles coming from GM. While we can’t know for sure, various executives like Bob Lutz are backing up a production version of the Converj, which shouldn’t change its look too much from the concept version.

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Source: DetroitNews via Autoblog

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