Cadillac CTS Coupe won't see a convertible version |

Cadillac was beginning to loose its edge on the performance market until it released the CTS model, which immediately saw the CTS-V high performance sedan. The model already proved it can stand up with all the other four-door performance cars, and now, with the CTS-V Coupe preparing for launch, it will take the fight to that segment of the market.

But with the regular CTS lineup now including a sedan, a station wagon and the new coupe, it seemed logical that Cadillac would be preparing a convertible right? Well you’re wrong about that, as the company recently denied the plans for a convertible CTS Coupe, saying that such a variant isn’t on the drawing board.

Too bad though, as there were certainly many people which hoped for such a model. Luckily though, they won’t mind all that much with settling for a regular CTS Coupe.

Source: InsideLine via Autoblog

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