Cadillac to release V or Platinum editions for all models, CTS-V wagon might appear |

Cadillac is GM’s go-to luxury brand, but during recent times, its specific models have also seen upgraded editions, like with the CTS, which saw the CTS-V performance model, or the recent XTS Platinum concept, which was shown as an upgraded edition of what a future XTS might look like.

In order to clarify these things, Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell revealed that every model in the range will receive either a V or a Platinum edition, depending on their specific traits and their audience. As such, if you thought about an Escalade-V, you’ll be disappointed, as such a big SUV will most likely receive a Platinum edition.

Caldwell also had an interesting reaction when he was questioned by Autoblog about a presumed CTS-V wagon model. He didn’t say anything, but it seems that smiles were all around, so you might expect to move your big family really fast in such a model in the near future.

Source: Autoblog
Pic Source: Statico’s Flickr

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