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Canadian used car prices can be confusing if you don’t know there is a difference between these prices and the ones established in the US for the same car. It is not only a question of changing US dollars in Canadian dollars. In fact, there are makes and models that can be sold in the USA, but are forbidden in Canada and vice versa.

In the United States the main source of used car prices is the Kelley Blue Book that covers the wide variety of vehicles available on the market. It’s hard to find a Canadian equivalent of this USA pricing book. A candidate can be considered the Canadian Black Book, but this one doesn’t include the list of prices for motorcycles and other vehicles that are part of the Kelley Blue Book. You will be able to find out the reference price points for motorcycles, snowmobiles and other vehicles that aren’t cars only in the Canadian Blue Book. So, when you think about prices don’t automatically think about a Blue Book, because in Canada you will not find car pricing in such a book.

Canadian Blue Book

Another problem with the Canadian Black Book is that it’s not available for private individuals. This book is released every two weeks only for dealerships, for the insurance companies on the market and other automobile wholesalers. As a private individual, you will have to find a third party that has access to this book or another way of calculating an accurate Canadian used car price. The only help the Canadian Black Book offers to both buyers and sellers of used cars is a guidebook that is released once a month. The main difference between this guide and the Canadian Black Book is represented by the level of details provided. In the guidebook you will only find the maximum and minimum prices that should be paid for each car model that can be sold in Canada.

The only rule that applies to the Canadian used car prices as well as to the USA used car prices is the depreciation factor that occurs in time as the car is used. Canadian buyers are interested in a mileage expressed in kilometers. So, as long as you know the mileage and are able to asses the damages that are visible on a used car you will be able to estimate its value. The only thing you will have to do is deduct the cost involved by the damages from the Black Book value of the car you want to sell or buy.

If you find this confusing you can at any time have a talk with a mechanic or a dealer or pay a visit to an online website that has access to the Canadian Black Book. One option would be the Canadian Car Prices website which can provide you with the value of a used car you are interested in as long as you agree to pay a monthly fee for membership. It’s a trust-worthy website because it uses the Canadian Black Book which is the reference point of most banks and finance companies. Another option is the website of the Canadian Black Book that allows you to search for particular information in exchange for a fee. The only way you can get free access to the Canadian Black Book is by being a member of the British Columbia Automobile Association. If you are a member, all you need to do in order to find out a Canadian used car price is to visit their website, enter your BCAA membership number and launch a search.

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