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There are times when we need to know if we can cancel the car lease and if possible how. It’s always good to know the options you have before signing a contract because you never know what can happen. You should know that cancelling a lease involves more than paying a penalty fee and giving back the car. You will have to terminate a legal contract that if not handled correctly might influence negatively your credit rating and your savings. That’s why you should consider one of the three options that are considered valid, but some of them suppose some decisions that should have been taken when you signed the contract.

Can I Cancel A Car Lease

One possibility is using the efficiency insurance option. But that involves thinking ahead, because you should buy this kind of insurance when you decide to lease a particular car. It is also known as walkaway protection and it can prove useful if you are forced to end your lease earlier because of a financial difficulty or because of health problems. Other packages of efficiency insurance include coverage even for the situation when you loose your license driver. So, if you are sure your insurance will cover all the lease termination fees you should call the insurance company and just follow their instructions.

Another option is early termination, but this is usually a costly operation. But if this possibility is still available, being stated somewhere in the contract you signed, you should take advantage of it as long as you afford it. If you decide to choose this option you should call the company and ask about the possibilities. But in the same time get ready for a hefty settlement or to pay a bill that will cover almost the entire amount you still owe on your car lease.

The third, less costly option, that doesn’t need that much planning ahead is the transfer lease option. That’s why you should find out if the company offers you the possibility to transfer your lease to a third party. This effort will save you a lot of money and it will make sure that your credit score is protected. If you need help in finding a person willing to take on the responsibility of your lease you should consider websites such as or They will also help you with the paperwork involved and also will give you some tips to get out of the contract with an early termination charge as inexpensive as possible. Don’t be afraid to count on their help, because these are lease transfer companies specialized in the field that over the years have helped thousands of people to get out of their car leases without having to sacrifice their savings.

When you decide upon a lease transfer you should use the legal channels and take care of all the paperwork involved. Don’t close a deal privately with a third party, because aside for being illegal, it’s a bad idea. That’s because that third party might fail to pay and you will be responsible for the consequences.

But what you should keep in mind is that prevention is the best way to stay out of harms way. For that purpose you should do a little research and thinking before signing a lease agreement. You should use search engines like Google, visit social networks and try to find the right persons who can provide you with the best answers possible. Only this way you will be able to take the best decision possible. If it’s too late for that advice, there are a few solutions available.

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