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Despite the fact that many people currently see the car air conditioning unit as a luxury components, truth be told, most cars are currently built with an integrated air conditioner fitted at the factory. Since travelling has become a major time spender in people’s schedules, whether you’re traveling for business, or for fun, or for the necessary supplies, car air conditioners have become crucial in those hot summer days when you have to face the heat in order to get to your vacation spot.

Car Ac Problem

The big downside to this is that vehicle manufacturers don’t usually include air conditioning maintenance in their maintenance programs. Therefore you need to know if and how your air conditioning system should work normally. Neglecting it might result in some steep prices in order to repair or in some cases replace the parts needed to restore it completely.

One of the most common issues encountered at air conditioning units, is that the system is not properly cooling the air flow. A car conditioning system simply takes the hot air from within the vehicle and directs it to the outside of the car therefore the interior temperature slowly cools. The air is cooled and clarified in the process as well. After long use and as time passes, the cooling agent that is used by the air conditioner slowly depletes. In one year it “burns” about 15% of its entire quantity. In winter time, the air conditioning is not used therefore some seals can get dry. This causes the cooling efficiency to drop gradually until it becomes useless.

Fortunately, the problem is not so serious, since any mobile auto repair unit or any re-gas service you chose can fix you up. They can check the leakage and easily fill up the cooling tanks swiftly and at little expense.

Bacteria are another problem that may appear. This usually happens when the motor isn’t used very often. The little use of the air conditioning determines the possibility for bacteria to build up within the system. When an air conditioning system is poorly maintained, micro organisms can develop behind the dashboard and other locations. These hidden spores can become a real health problem to any individual inside the car. If a good treatment is applied by a specialist, micro organisms can be eliminated swiftly and the car’s smell restored. On the other hand if enough damage is done to the air conditioning unit, you will be forced to pay a lot more. Sound can also be your ally when trying to figure out if there’s something wrong you’re your AC system. Where a regular clicking is absolutely normal since its most like coming from the aircon compressor, if that sound is irregular you simply MUST have your compressor checked out because of one of those can be up to $700.

If you go to a specialist, when possible air conditioning behaviors seem to change and the quality deteriorate, you can ensure that the damage sustained is kept to a minimum. Any problems caught early can easily be solved without much troubles and costs.

In some cases, the tube from which water is evaporated can get blocked. When that happens, the air can get very misty inside the car, which can do some damage to the upholstery keeping it in a constant stream of moisture. Once again a good repair technician is able to handle the problem effectively.

Tending to your air conditioning system’s needs can improve the comfort of your car considerably and in the same time can protect you from bacteria.

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