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Once again, sexy women are the main characters in two car commercials. The advertisers seem to be inspired by the femininity and we have no problem with that, as long as the results are of this type. I guess men have nothing to say either. We have hot girls, cool cars and nice ad production.

The first guest and star of this article: Fiat 500 Abarth and Catrinel Menghia

The second star: Citroën C1 Accessorize limited edition and a bunch of desperate hot women

What do you think: are women the secret of success of these car commercials or it’s all about the cars?

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Women are more emotional than men. At least that’s what has always been said about women: they’re the weak part of the humanity, but they still decide about what car to buy.

Let’s say you are a woman and you see these billboards on the streets of your town. So, we ask you: to which one are you attracted to? Which of the cars are you tempted to love and eventually to buy?




So, let’s see: which car brand is the most inspiring for you, dear ladies?

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The was unexpected, I must admit.

I’ve heard about the Mercedes-Benz E-Class mood, I can understand why it can get you into a celebrating mood, but this was unexpected.

Check out the deer. This commercial is showing it right. Stayin’ Alive can really get anyone and anything moving.


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We like the new commercials for the “sporty and fuel-efficient” 1 Series. The concept of the ads introduces two brothers with different habits and personalities which drive the same new BMW stunning model car.


Freddie and Adam’s story will eventualy turn into a short-film. With just a couple days past since the ad’s launch, the second commercial was reveiled and gave the story continuity. The brothers started testing the cars, with different points of view, of course. We’ll let you watch the clip and decide which of the brothers is your favorite.


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A new Class-A commercial has been released following the model’s promotion campaign. The ad is inspired by siquid silver and is using, quote “weak waves and stars” for creating a imagination bridge.

Mercedes-Benz Class-A 2011 model shows jewelry-like cuts and aerodynamic exteriors that will touch even the cold-hearted.

The computer board’s display in the commercial shows an application browser featuring some of the most important social networks world wide. We’ll let you guess which ones.


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