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Car blog: what to expect from one?

Car Blog – what to expect from one?

rpmGO.com is, without a doubt, a car blog. But what should you expect from such a blog, expecially if you are looking for a place to advertise on?

Not all car blogs are created equal

1. First and foremost, you must be sure the site is a car blog. After all, if someone writes about his car on his blog, once in a while, that doesn’t make it a car blog.

2. Does it have daily content about the latest news covering the automotive world – car launches, tuning programs, car shows, expositions, auctions and so on?

2. Look around the site, to get a feeling of the articles the car blog writes about: is it about custom cars? about electric cars? about a specific brand?

3. Does the car blog have an about page? Or a contact page? Or, more important, an “advertise here” page?

4. Of course, first of all, look around to see if people advertise on the car blog you are interested in.

5. Test the waters: send an email, asking a simple advertising question. How much time does it take until you get an answer?

6. Test the waters: buy some small amount of advertising first, just to be sure that the car blog delivers.

7. Talk about partnerships: if you provide information, will people there right about it?

8. Buy more advertising, upon delivery of results for the first period.

That’s it! Now Contact Us to talk business. Obviously, rpmGO, being mentioned in a Forbes article on must-read car blogs, should be the first one to choose as part of a promotional or advertising campaign. ;]

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