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The process of restoration a car can be very exciting for a car enthusiast, but the car owner must know the proper way to evaluate the car’s condition and put the basis of the restoration process that is to be applied to the vehicle. On the brink of the car restoration process you should know that there are 4 levels of restoration that can be suited for each classic car, and depending on various parameters like the type of project, the car, budget and restoration purpose. Here are some tips for effective reversal of the damage Father time did on it.

Car Classic Restoration

First of all you need to arm yourself with patience. Grab a chair and sit down, get a piece of paper and a pen and by looking around the car for obvious parts that need to be replaced and a parts catalog, start making a list of all the components that need to be replaced, and of course run the numbers in a budget. Be careful not to deviate from the list of expenses, or the results will be catastrophic.

After crunching the numbers, make a thorough inspection of the entire car. Use powerful flashlights to inspect all the spots that are in need of repairs, check the trunk, the engine location, wheels etc. This will give you a general idea about the repairs that need to be to the car. The best way to go is to get the car to a shop where in can be lifted on a platform for better inspection. Only then you can assess the situation and realize if it’s worth restoring.

After the vehicles inspection, you have to analyze the condition of your car. Establish if you have a “solid” car that can be restored without having to replace the frame, floor transmission axles or other major components. This will save you an impressive amount of money. If rust taints the entire car, than either you get a lot of money or you forget about it. A car frame ‘eaten’ by rust will break down no matter what you do to it.

Try to involve close friends and family in the project since the time invested alongside with the money can go down the drain if the procedures are not followed thoroughly. If not, the alternative is to head for a professional that will restore your car for certain charge, but with the guarantee of superior quality.

Then decide upon the level of restoration. As I’ve said above. Restorations are divided in 4 levels. The driver restoration is the simplest as it only takes the car back to functional condition with minor part replacements. Street show is more demanding as not only fully functionality is required but complete cosmetic adjustments and even body work.  The Show Car level will be restored only by professionals and will receive big points when judged by a professional. And finally the Concours which is the highest level of restoration possible. This level has high placed requirements from the start because if the car that is to be restored is not in optimal condition itself than a major investment is required. These cars are destined only for auto shows and aren’t destined for driving.

Car Classic Restoration

After assessing all those priorities than you’re good to go. Start the restoration process by following 2 steps. Step 1:  replacement of parts and step 2: chassis adjustments.  Remember to visit the shop as much as possible to ensure that everything is done accordingly. Get it back to mint condition and in time it might turn into a valuable asset.

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