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Apparently, the drunk driving costs a lot: around $50 billion per year (for alcohol-related crashes) and $60 billion in quality of life losses.

Ok, those are the overall numbers. But if you make a short estimation, drunk driving costs you $500 per year. Now driving after having a drink doesn’t sound so good, does it? To this, add 32% alcohol related traffic deaths and 10,839 people who have died from drunk driving in 2009.

Infographic by Criminal Justice Degree Schools

Now it’s time to become responsible and take attitude: don’t drive if you know you have drunk alcohol!

[Source: Criminaljusticedegreeschools]

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The results of a new research were made public: according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, SUV’s and pickup trucks made nowadays pose less risk to drivers in cars and minivans than their versions from the past. They aren’t more likely to be a part in a fatal crash than cars and minivans of the same weight.

In numbers, this is the situation: – in 2000-2001, the traffic fatality rate was of 44 deaths per million registered vehicles – for the accidents involving SUV cars between 3,000 and 3,499 pounds vs. cars and minivans.

– in 2008-2009, the numbers have dropped to 16 deaths per million registered vehicles. For comparison, cars and minivans in the same weight category were involved in the deaths of other car/minivan passengers at a rate of 17 per million in 2008-09.

“Whether you’re in an SUV or just sharing the road with one. (…) Recent improvements to these vehicles are making you safer.” said Joe Nolan, the Institute’s chief administrative officer and a co-author of the study.

The researchers consider this change is the result of some improvement of cars and minivans in the area of crash protection (side-by-side airbags, advanced crash structure). To this, SUV’s bring their contribution too: their manufacturers now use front ends designed for a better alignment with those crash structures mentioned above.

[Source: Autoblog, Photo]

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These guys didn’t even wait for the green light to get into o rumble.

During the warm-up of the first Baltimore Grand Prix, Tony Kanaan had some problems hitting the brakes before a narrow turn and climbed all over Helio Castroneves.

Luckily, he got out of the totaled rocket safe and went back to the pit-stop for a spare. He finished 3rd proving that the accident was just a technical failure.

Will Power took first place, followed by Oriol Servia.


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Let’s try something together. Let’s watch this video and analyze the idiots that come across our eyes.


Idiot no.1 – 0:25sec – Trying to go forward into a blocked street. He just could of crossed onto the other side of the road and let the recording car pass.

Idiot no.2 and no. 3 – 0:40sec – Those two guys are making a fuss and threatening with a stick while pounding the drivers window. The fact that one (no.3) of them doesn’t even have a shirt on, in complete disregard of the rain does not count.

Idiot no.2 again – 1:10sec – Don’t ever put yourself in front of a moving vehicle.

Idiot no.1 and no. 2 – 2:05sec – Trying to run over a guy for being an idiot is just not fair. As far as no. 2 is concerned, starting to hit the car with a stick did not help. All the proof you need starts at 2:12sec and ends at 2:20sec.

Idiot no.3 – Anytime – For being barefoot.

Idiot no.1 – Anytime – For not calling the police.

We win, game over.

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1. Stop time the instant that the crash happens, get everyone to safety then let it rip. Video tape it for fun, it won’t hurt.

2. Have sex in your car with the engine running and no handbreak. End it just before you crash 20 stories down. Thank God for premature ejaculation.

3. Live eco. Build a tree when you’re a kid and have it grow at the same time you do. When the time comes, use it to block an incoming race car.

4. Wear a seatbelt!

5. Learn Kung-Fu and do a Ninja flip when necessary.

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Researchers from MIT’s Impact and Crashworthiness Laboratory have discovered that the same type of computer modeling used for testing whether car components can hold their own in a crash could also predict whether pipes will resist or not at offshore drilling sites. The discovery is even more important, as identifying the potential of a pipe to fracture can save the site from an ecological disaster.

This method taken from the automotive industry could combine computer simulations with physical experiments. The same could happen with pipes too, similar to car testing, where the process is as follows: samples from the commonly used material are taken, sprayed with small dots and then bombarded with different loads while being fixed into a machine. Each moment of the impact is recorded on camera and then analyzed using a computer program. So, all the deformations that appear during the test are taken into account.

The researchers have tested this option by simulating the conditions of Deepwater Horizon disaster from 2010 and using a computer model of the drill riser and a reconstruction scene of the accident. Their result was that the exact location and type of the fracture were predicted by the model.

So, we believe this is a wonderful discovery for oil companies. Nice know-how transfer between domains!

What other technologies transferred from the automotive industry to other domains do you know?

[Source: Jalopnik, Photo]

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Human behavior while drunk is sometimes seriously concerning: a drunk women from Florida lost control of her Honda and hit John Rauchbauer’s house, and then asked him $1,000 to help find the kids from the house she has just hit.

Well, this is not a scene from a black comedy, but from real life: it all happened Saturday morning, when the drunk woman left a Port Richey parking lot and crashed into a car, proceeded down the road through fences and mailboxes and plunged into Rauchbauer’s house, hitting all the persons from the house: two kids, Rauchbauer and his wife and brother-in-law.

The astonishing fact is that after realizing that she might have crashed through a house with kids, the woman told the house owner that she will help him find the kids if she receives $1,000. Fortunately, none of the family members was seriously injured.

After all that, the drunken woman was charged with personal and bodily injury, damage of property and departure from the scene of an accident.

Therefore, we believe that if it wouldn’t have been the car crash and its victims and driving after drinking alcohol, the situation would have been different, somehow crazy and funny.

So, which is the craziest thing that you have done after drinking too much?

[Source: Baynews9, Photo]

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After he got pulled over, the fellon had a fight with the police officer and managed to lock himself in the police car.

He drove away while chased by other police cars and crashed moments later while driving on the wrong lane.


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Highways are not for everyone it seems. Picture this: you’re a truck driver, driving along on a Scottish motorway near Aberdeen and suddenly a small Corsa confidently drives into your lane. You swerve to avoid the devastating crash and roll over.

Then you go out and see that behind the wheel is…

… a 20 year old woman. Yes, women like her give good women drivers bad names. But still, we can’t quite figure out how she managed to end up on the wrong side of the highway.


Via Carscoop.

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Us regular people, when we want to wash our car, we simply go to a car wash, pay a few bucks and a few minutes after we leave with our car shining. But for others, apparently, that’s taking too much time, so they tried an ultra quick method, using…an excavator. Yup, that’s right, an excavator! As you can imagine, when you put excavator and car in the same sentence, it usually ends up badly. Enjoy!


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This has go to be one of the stupidest things we ever wrote about here on RPMGO. Last Thursday, a 39-yo man and his 36-yo wife rented a Corvette from Hertz and stopped for a drink at London’s West End, a bar in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Here they were talking to a man, a complete stranger and when they talked about the Corvette, the man told them he never drove one, so they agreed on letting him drive their rented one. Great idea, don’t you think?

Well, the man drove the car, started doing donuts in the sand and, at one point, lost control of the car which ended up in the ocean. The man quickly ran away, leaving the two idiots talking to the police and taking care of the mess he got them into.

Not much we can comment on this, except some people are really, really stupid. Check out a few videos of the Corvette taking a swim, after the jump. (more…)

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Michael Bay’s Transformers series is filled with car action and this means, of course, a lot of things can go wrong. Well, this is one of those moments. While filming in Washington D.C., on 3rd Street and Maryland Avenue, the famous yellow Camaro crashed into a police SUV and suffered some serious damage. The crash wasn’t in the script and according to FOX 5 the SUV was driven by senior explosive technician who was rushing to a nearby location to a call for a suspicious package and was using a different radio channel than the policemen who were securing the perimeter.

After the incident, the Metropolitan Police Department issued a statement saying that an investigation is on the way and that filming of the movie will be suspended in the meantime.

Videos after the jump. (more…)

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Football (soccer) players really have it all, from lots of money to pretty women and, most importantly, very fast cars. But it seems that they don’t really have the skill to “tame” such wild machines, as 21-year-old Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner for Arsenal London football team in the UK crashed his beautiful £120,000 ($270,000) Aston Martin DBS into a tree on the A1, while heading to his team’s practice session in Hertfordshire.

The football player escaped with only a few injuries, mostly just bumps and bruises, with the most severe ones being some grazes on his knee. The father of the Arsenal striker declared that he is a bit shaken up, but according to the coach of the London team, Arsene Wenger, he will be able to play once more during this weekend.

While we usually condemn such behavior, especially if it ends up with such a beautiful car being destroyed, it’s still good to hear that he made it out alive. Perhaps next time he will be more careful with his future new supercar.


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Car crashes are some of the worst things that can even happen to a person. But being involved in a car crash then being assaulted by a few hive-fulls of bees is certainly even worse. Just ask the survivors and rescue team which engaged in an accident yesterday in Turkey, when large van carrying multiple beehives crashed into a truck which was stationing on the side of the road.

Needless to say, the impact broke almost all of the hives and the angry bees started messing with almost anyone around, be them survivors or rescue teams. This forced authorities, to summon multiple beekeepers from the area to help them eliminate the bees. They, together with firemen and other rescuers used hoses, blankets and even rags to chase off the bees. It took them almost an hour to help all of the victims.

In total, about 20 people needed hospital care, with six of them being injured from the crash and the rest being workers who were attacked by the bees. One person involved in the accident has died, but it isn’t clear if the bees aggravated his situation. The same thing happened in 2006, when another truck carrying beehives crashed in Turkey.

Here is a video, of the rescue attempt from the crash site, showing just how hard the whole operation was.


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Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, was involved in a serious car accident and is now in critical condition in a hospital in St. Petersburg.

The accident happened on Court Street, a main drag in downtown Clearwater, and witnesses report that Nick and his friend were speeding up in Nick’s Toyota Supra when he lost control and slammed into a Jersey barrier, after that the car spun around, hit a palm tree and was ripped apart.

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