Car Crashes – 2/7 –

We cover recalls on our website because most of them are extremely important. As such, every owner should be warned even before the recall letter arrives, that the model might be dangerous to drive in its current condition.

Sadly, it seems that car rental companies don’t feel the same way.

A news report from ABC has showcased a worrying lack of response from rental companies to recalls, as instead of immediately stopping the car from going on the rental cycle, they continue offering it to customers.

A terrible example was shown, concerning the death of two California women. They rented a Chrysler PT Cruiser from Enterprise. The car company neglected to tell them that a recall was was made a month before, concerning a leak from the power steering system, which can cause a fire.

The women were involved in a crash while driving the car, as the PT Cruiser caught fire, veered onto oncoming traffic and smashed into a semi, as you can see above.

The parents of the girls, one age 24, the other 20, sued Enterprise, which, in some records, reveals that the company has no policy on what to do when a car has been recalled, and it’s up to the regional manager if the faulty model will continue to be rented out.

The jury awarded the family with $15 million, but the notion that rental car companies are deliberately putting out dangerous cars on the road, without any warning, is downright scary.

Hit the jump to watch the complete news story, and before you rent a car, be sure to check if there’s any outstanding recalls for it.

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Russia is quickly becoming one of the largest markets for luxury carmakers, largely due to the big number of rich people who want to flaunt their worth by buying and showing off their rides.

What’s even more profitable for automakers is that most Russian drivers really like to get ‘competitive’ so some showing off leads to crashes and work for auto mechanics.

The latest example is a new video with a Bentley Continental GT owner, who decided to show off his ride around a grassy hill, filled with campers.

As you can imagine, those 550 HP from the Continental was too much to handle, and resulted in the luxury coupe to damage its rear against a parked van. While most car fans would cringe at this image, its owner was quite pleased, displaying his foolish act for everyone to see.

Hit the jump to check out the video and once again confirm that good taste can’t be bought, no matter the sum of money you have.

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It’s a sad day for Toyota, as the company has just revealed that its chief test driver, 67-year-old Hiromu Naruse, has died in a car crash involving a prototype Lexus LFA Nurburgring edition.

The car, which was revealed a few weeks ago, was still in testing, and Naruse was doing just that around a highway near the actual Nurburgring circuit. It seems that he veered onto the opposing lane and crashed, head-on, with a BMW prototype.

While the two BMW occupants have survived, it seems that Toyota’s Naruse died immediately. Even though the cars were prototypes, they had all the safety equipment fitted, and the drivers were also wearing helmets.

Hiromu Naruse was one of the most respected people from Toyota, being with the company for 47 years and testing out all of the performance models released by the Japanese company. The Lexus LFA was considered his greatest achievement, as Naruse was called the Godfather of the LFA.

Not a lot of other things are known at the moment, but you can feel free to hit jump and see some footage from the crash site captured by German TV.

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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is one mighty impressive supercar, delivering a huge amount of power with retro styling and, according to the famous tunnel ad, enough grip to keep it suspended upside down through a tunnel.

Sadly, all these things haven’t helped one Russian SLS AMG owner, which crashed with a local VAZ 2112 on a road. As you can see above and below, the German supercar is pretty totalled, but at least the Gullwing doors still work.

No word yet on how the accident took place, but this is, as far as we know, the first car crash involving a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Hopefully (although we’re not that confident), it’ll be the last.


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Toll booths can be a pain sometimes, but usually people just pay up and go on their merry way.

A woman leaving the Dallas airport parking lot decided that she shouldn’t pay up. Instead, she went all Dukes of Hazzard-style and tried to jump the car over the toll booth.

The result, as you can imagine, was a pretty severe crash, with the model, a Chevrolet Impala, bursting into flames when it hit the ground.

Luckily for her, she only sustained a fractured wrist. The driver claimed she was rear ended, but police say that there is no evidence to support that. Plus, after taking the breathalyzer, it was clear that she had a few too many duty-free drinks.

Still, the footage is pretty awesome to watch, so hit the jump and check out this modern day, female version of the Dukes of Hazzard.

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Lamborghini initially started its Gallardo Super Trofeo racing series to hype up even more its entry-level supercar.

Sadly, it seems that the Brno race, counting for stage four of the one-make series, got a lot of publicity for all the wrong reasons.

Italian driver Giorgio Bartocci went on the gravel for an unknown reason and when he re-entered the actual track, he lost control of the powerful Lamborghini Gallardo race car. The vehicle slammed into the pit wall at high speed and promptly burst into flames right on the track.

While the crash is downright terrifying, the reaction of the fire crew is a bit puzzling to say the least. The safety crew struggled to control the fire with small extinguishers and didn’t really attempt to save Bartocci from the blaze immediately.

Thankfully, the Italian driver is being taken care of at the hospital. He sustained some major injuries but doctors are confident he will be able to make it through the recovery process.

Hit the jump to watch a special report from a Czech TV station about the incident.

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Formula 1 is getting ready for the start of the Chinese GP this weekend and the first practice laps are already being recorded at the Shanghai circuit.

Today’s session was, however, remembered for a dramatic incident involving Scuderia Toro Rosso’s Sebastien Buemi, who was involved in a dramatic crash. The pilot, who recorded poor times during the session, was heading into the last 10 minutes of free practice when his two front wheels both came off the car.

It seems that a faulty upright in the front of his car caused a huge strain on the front wheels, eventually resulting in the rupture of their supports. The Toro Rosso driver escaped unharmed but is still a bit shaken by the crash. His teammate, Jaime Alguersuari immediately entered the pits in order to prevent another crash.

Hit the jump to see the dramatic video of how Sebastien Buemi lost his wheels in a 200 mph crash at the Chinese GP.

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You could imagine that if you were given the keys to a Pagani Zonda for a quick test drive (our dream), you’d drive it as carefully as possible. Sooner or later though, that massive 7.3-liter V12 engine would get the better of you, and you will have to floor it just to feel the rush.

Sadly, a driver in the UK felt a bit more than just a rush, as he crashed the beautiful supercar while testing it out on a track. As you could imagine, you can’t just slap some bondo and hope it will buff out, so the driver went to his insurance company to file a claim.

The worth of the claim, after being checked out by investigators, was a reasonable $449,000 (£300,000). Surprisingly, the company decided to ship the luxury model at the Pagani factory in Modena, and have it fixed, instead of just writing it off. And before you ask, yes, this was the largest claim issued by a private car owner in the UK.

While we envy the guy for driving such a fantastic car, you can imagine that his insurance rate is now sky high. Perhaps he should check out these tips to keeping his insurance premium as low as possible.


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While YouTube allows people to access entertaining videos, the service is also making the work of insurance investigators that much easier, by hosting footage of various incidents.

This is what happened to a 21-year-old Nissan GT-R owner, who crashed his beautiful Japanese sportscar while racing down a hill against a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR. He and his younger sister were involved in the incident, and immediately filed an insurance claim to get the money back.

This is where things get a bit weird. The statements of the two siblings differed (don’t they watch cop movies or something?), fact which raised a few red flags. Seeing as how the money for the repair isn’t coming, the young driver sent a statement to the insurance company, saying that he will pay for them.

That was all fine and dandy, according to the insurance company, until a few months later, when the guy claimed he was in another accident, with almost the same type of damage as before. During the investigation process, the garage responsible of fixing the GT-R informed the company that it seized the car since the date of the first accident, as the driver didn’t pay up the whopping $76,000 bill.

Investigators immediately figured out the scam, and after a quick YouTube search, they found a video showing the actual crash of the young driver, complete with aftermath photos and everything. Needless to say, he is now facing six felony counts of insurance fraud, while his sister only one.

Hit the jump to see the video of this guy, crashing his Nissan GT-R on a mountain road.

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The world of motorsport definitely has a lot of specific championships, but Nascar has a pretty special place. While Americans are huge fans, Europeans aren’t that into racing around oval tracks and turning left every now and then.

But with the change in rules at the beginning of the 2010 season, Nascar officials hoped that excitement would return to the competition, as it allowed for greater contact between cars on the track.

One thing they didn’t count on were huge crashes, like the most recent one, involving Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards, during the Kobalt Tools 500 race in Atlanta, counting for the Nascar Sprint Cup. The event started with both Edwards and Keselowski in favorable positions, but after a contact between the two during the first quarter of the race, Edwards was forced to enter the pit lane and sit there while the car was being repaired.

As you can imagine, this cost Edwards the race and Keselowski was reaping the success, reaching the Top 10. After Edwards entered the race again, he wasn’t too happy, and decided a bit of contact wouldn’t hurt. As such, he tapped the Chevrolet #12 car, belonging to Keselowski. What he didn’t know was that the speed, coupled with the shoddy aerodynamics (at least according to announcers), resulted in the car going airborne and crashing severeley.

Luckily Keselowski wasn’t injured. The history between the two pilots isn’t new, as last year in Talladega, Keselowski also caused Edwards to crash and lose the race. Nascar officials revealed that a decission regarding this case, and possibly a punishment for Edwards will be revealed at the beginning of the week.

Hit the jump to see the spectacular crash of Brad Keselowski during the Nascar Kobalt Tools 500 race in Atlanta.

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Here’s something you don’t hear everyday, a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 crashed into a Ferrari F430 at a South African VIP event in the town of KwaZulu-Natal.

But even though the nature of the crash is quite exotic, we haven’t gotten to the best part. It seems that the Lambo was being driving by a convicted hitman, which was charged with killing six people, and sentenced to 72 years in prison. He was subsequently pardoned, and even attended this political event without anyone saying anything.

But it seems he wasn’t too fond of the people who showed up after the crash and started taking pictures, as he reportedly began threatening and confiscated their mobile phones or cameras. Needless to say, when the police arrived on scene did nothing except call in the tow trucks for the wrecked supercars.

Thankfully a brave guy managed to score a few pics, and sent them to our friends at WreckedExotics.


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Car crashes happen every week, that’s why we dedicated a special category here on RPMGO, but every once in a while, some accidents happen which make everyone scratch their heads. Whether they are justified by absurd explanations, caused by crazy people or are just plain stupid, they will always happen, much to our disappointment and compassion for the cars which were involved.

That’s why we decided to create a special top ten of the stupidest sports and luxury car crashes of recent times, involving expensive performance vehicles, and a huge amount of stupidity or carelessness from their drivers. Hit the jump and be baffled once more by what a man behind the wheel can achieve.

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Toyota is in a lot of trouble these days as it has recalled a huge number of vehicles, from almost everywhere around the world either due to faulty gas pedals, which get stuck, or because of floor mats which wind up pushing on the accelerator pedal.

But while this gave the Japanese company a lot of problems, it also seems that it has given some people a great thing to blame for accidents, as two recent crashes involving Toyota vehicles have happened in the span of just a few days.

The first one involved a woman from Pennsylvania, which allegedly tried to park her 2007 Camry in the lot of a laundromat, but, according to her own statement plus one from a laundromat worker, the car started accelerating on its own, and ended up crashing into the building itself. According to the police, the floor mat of the vehicle was found on top of the gas pedal, which could’ve caused the whole crash.

Another incident happened at a Toyota dealership in Louisiana, where a truck owner went to allegedly service his truck and receive the fix to the unintended acceleration problems. But, according to him, he was told to wait a long time, which he refused, and attempted to leave the dealer. This is when the truck started accelerating out of control, and like the Camry above, crashed into the building.

But while the Camry story might have some true facts, this last one is a bit fishy, as some reports indicate that the man was extremely furious, and demanded that the dealer take back the truck and give him his money back. When the representatives declined and tried to explain that the problems will be fixed, he refused, and was quite upset.

Do note that we’re not really pointing fingers, as the investigations are ongoing, but it’s interesting that these accidents happened immediately after the whole recall went public. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Autoblog, The Advocate

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You’d think that problems for powerful sportscars begin when the owner takes control of the vehicle and starts pushing it until he gets into a crash.

That’s what usually happens when we report exotic accidents, but this time, a Ferrari F430 Spyder didn’t even reach the dealership from which it should have been sold, and it was already damaged, after falling of the top level of the transport truck.

Details are sketchy, but you can guess that the guy responsible of taking it off the truck is in a lot of trouble. What’s worse is that the Fox News helicopter was around the area and got to film the aftermath of the crash. The only thing funny about this crash is that the windshield wipers were, for some reason, turned on the whole time.

Hit the jump to see a video of this crashed Ferrari F430 Spyder.

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We cover quite a lot of crashes on our blog, but this recent one involving a Nissan 370Z roadster is quite unique. Not that such cars don’t crash, but that not a lot of cars crash into churches, like this Japanese model did.

No concrete details were given, but it seems that either the 370Z is the devil’s work, or maybe its driver was really late for the church service. Either way, it seems that the driver managed to escape and maybe said a prayer or two.


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