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In these troubled times, when so many hit and runs, irresponsible people or the sheer desire to do bad things, leave permanent scars that affect children the entire life, there still are people that are united in good and bad times and have the desire of making the world a better place. These people have banded together and formed associations and non profit organizations that make child care their first priority. Some charity organizations have a used car donation option. So if you have an old car that’s just gathering rust and feel like doing a good think head for one of these organizations and you’ll be rewarded the happiness of a child in need of a toy to light up his days.

Car Donation Used

If you feel like doing the good deed, you can head on to and turn that pile or rust into a whole lot of teddy bears for kids in need. All you have to do is click “DONATE NOW”. You will be redirected to an online form which you have to complete, giving a few details about yourself and your car. The entire thing won’t take you more than 5 minutes. Then all you need to do is check your e-mail address from time to time to look for their confirmation. Once arrived than everything is settled. One of the fastest towing companies will arrive at your doorstep on the exact established time and take the car, the whole operation is completely free of charge. Doing the right thing is also rewarding, since you receive a tax deduction which is recognized by the IRS as “501 (c)(3) charity”. They will accept any type of car: vans, cars, trucks, motorcycles, even golf carts and see them turned into a whole set of gifts for kinds in need.

If you want something a bit different, than head for the website. This is considered one of the biggest and most popular donation centers in America. You can donate just about any types of vehicles, cars, trucks, boats, RV’s even jet skies and snowmobiles are accepted. The best thing is that you have a list composed of hundreds of charities from which you can actually pick where you want your donation to go. Some of the charities include: the American Red Cross, Best Friends Animal Society and many others.

The procedure of donating a car is very simple. The first thing you need to do is pick the beneficiar for your donation. After the selection you will be given a donation form which can be easily completed, or if you want a direct approach you may call at 1-877-227-7487. The number is available 24 – 7. You will be in direct contact with their experienced operators that will execute the transaction in a matter of minutes.  Afterwards you will be contacted by the fast deployment towing team within 2 working days. You can establish a meeting whenever you feel like it and they will come for the vehicle pickup.

Everything is handled with care and professionalism while the towing agent provides you with a receipt (you don’t pay for a thing, you just get that as proof). Then your vehicle will be sold for the charity that you’ve picked. Depending on the car condition, it will be sold at an auction house, or a salvage dealer. All the money goes to charity, keep in mind that the organization is NON profit.

For your good deed you are “rewarded” with a tax deduction for your vehicle. You may pick any charity since all of them include tax deduction.

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