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Since the new car market has increased it’s standards in prices and exclusivity, the majority of people aim more and more to the used car market, making sellers and buyers alike thrive more than better. Even more, since the appearance of the virtual car market, transactions have been flying non stop. One of the great supporters of the online market is the world renowned eBay. There is an increasing flow of people that subscribe and place ads for their cars on eBay Motors. Online putting ads on AutoTrader, where you have less control as well, here you can transform your add as you please.

Car Ebay Sell

When trying to get the best price when attempting to sell your car on eBay, the first thing you can do is place pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Buyers love seeing pictures so they can form a good image of the car. Yet before taking any kind of pictures, you need to make sure your car is spotless. Give it a good clean. Make sure that the interior looks as good and as shiny as the exterior looks, so it will have an all around appeal. Ok, now it’s time to take some cool pictures. Take a minimum of 20 pictures on all sides of the car, inside and out. As you’ve seen on most car picks, there always is a powerful light source like the sun or a really powerful light ball present when the pictures are taken. Therefore if you are taking the picks outside, the let sun make your car sparkle.

Next step is protection. Careful not to take picks of your car that contain your registration plate. Or in case you do, be careful to blank your car number on every image you place online. There are hundreds of programs that can manipulate the pixels of one area, blurring, it or simply blanking it. Feel free to use any of them.

Another thing of great importance is honesty. Don’t try to make it sound like your car is something that it’s not. Trust yourself and your car because I am sure someone will like it exactly as it is. If a prospective buyer will come to see the car in person and sees a great discrepancy between the photo- car and the real car, your chances to sell it drop dramatically. If you know about any problems with the car that you didn’t fix or were unable to, make sure you put them in the car’s description. A lot of eBay buyers are interested in purchasing cars for parts so they might not care if there’s something wrong with the car as long as the price is reasonable.

Although it might sound a bit risky, you might consider placing a low bid price. I know what you may be thinking: “what if the car sells for a price way below its market value”, this fear may be taken into consideration on a normal auction house where there are a couple oh hundreds of participants tops. On the other hand eBay Motors is visited by 100.000 people just about every day, so you may want to reconsider those worries. You can easily and comfortably place the bidding start at 1 p. Check in 10 hours later and you might have an x 1000p surprise.

Make sure to check your e-mail address, once every couple of house because, once a bid has started, you will be getting loads of questions about the various technical, legal, economical aspects of the car. So you’d better have some answers ready.

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