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E3 conference gave the opportunity for the F1 2011 team to release some of the game’s specs. Stephen Hood, chief game designer, talked about some of the carrer mode enhancements, about the increased number of venues and about the improvements made to the multiplayer mode.

F1 2011 will feature a multiplayer split-screen mode designed for gamers which like face-to-face racing. The main improvement in this section is the full 24-car grid option which is made available starting this year. This comes after several complains made by F1 2010 players who said that the half grid severly minimized the gaming experience.

The carrer mode of F1 2011 will feature more complexe and realistic details like press releases post-race containing headlines of actions made by the player during the events and also a co-op carrer mode which will allow two players to act as teammates during a full F1 season.

F1 2011 comes out September 23rd on PC, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3.

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Starting August 30 car games fans will have a new horizon in their keyboard/joystick/steering wheel and their driving skills put to the test also in a tactical approach.

Driver: San Francisco developed a new sky view system that allows you to slow down the action and choose to drive instantly any car on the map in order to gain leverage on the chase.

Series director Martin Edmondson fully explains this interesting option for the gamers in an interview for in the video below. He also talks about the future of Driver’s franchise, the story and much more.

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If our calculations are correct, this is the 15th Need For Speed game made by Electronic Arts. Some may say it never gets old because of the new models and venues, but last we remember, NFS got us going for real back in ’06 when the 1st Underground game came out. We spent weeks customizing every car to its full potential and drove hours of ilegal racing, but the following years didn’t manage to challenge our gaming mania.

Until EA makes its next breakthrough, we’ll just have to settle for Need For Speed The Run, out on November 15th.

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Microsoft producers are building up the tension with months remaining until Forza 4′s launch. They are trying to promote the game by offering a collector’s edition which includes the following custom cars: Ford Mustang GT Coupe 1965, Koenigsegg Agera 2011, Lexus SC300 1997, RUF RGT-8 2011, Tesla Roadster Sport 2011. Also a bonus will come if you order through

Forza 4 is going to be the first auto simulator available for the Xbox 360 that supports Kinect. We’ll have more details next month when the E3 conference starts. In other good news, Forza 4 will allow players to import the cars from the previous version of the game.

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This week race games fans are awarded with two new names to entertain. NASCAR 2011 is available for $39.99 in stores starting today. This racing simulator is the best so far and features realistic environment and controls that will keep even the most skilled players focused for days.

If you think that just turning left will win you the race, think again. Check out this gameplay tutorial video with Q&A with Eutechnyx’s Ed Martin.

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Offroad racing fans don’t have to wait anymore because DiRT 3 launch date is today.

Check out DiRT 3′s official Codemasters page and get the lastest tools, videos and news about the game. DiRT 3 is available starting today in US stores and can be played on PC, Play Station and Xbox 360.

Some of the shipment offers include parts (1/16) of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Fiesta model. You can find out more about that on

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Just 6 more days until DIRT 3 hits the market! That means that we’ll leave our fancy rides in our elegant fantasies and , on May 24, we’ll get down and dirty with a bunch of hot rally cars. It feels good to stir up the dust and burn some tires.

Until we get to play it ourselves, Ken Block and Tanner Foust take their well prepared Ford Fiestas to the track. The things they’re up to, oh you’ll enjoy them a lot! I guess good old car stunts never go out of style. This look like soooo much fun! We can’t wait to get our hand on it.

Enjoy the trailer!

What do you think about it?

Source: Topspeed.

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Our wait will soon come to an end as Dirt 3 will be out on all platforms on the 24th of May. To increase the game’s popularity, the developers over at Codemasters have revealed a couple of details about a very interesting three-game party mode. This mode consists of mini games and will serve for those players that want to try something a little bit more different. This means that the game will have a very good multiplayer setup, making it probably one of the best in the racing genre.

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Oh, this should be fun: Mikko Hirvonen takes his Ford Fiesta RS WRC to the track, next to Ken Block in his Monster Focus RS WRC to promote the new DiRT 3 game.

The place? Battersea Power Station. The occasion? The media launch of DiRT 3 The gist? Creating a new, custom Gymkhana Uncovered for the game.

There will be some turbo. And some tires screeching. And a girl in a red bikini. Like you need more motivation to click play.

Photo source.

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We’ve been drooling over the Toyota FT-86 II since it was first revealed at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show and we think that this very cool car will be one of the prettiest to roam the streets when it’ll leave the production line.

Until then, we can enjoy driving it and smoking its tires on the virtual tracks of Gran Turismo 5. Enjoy this lovely video:

Via Topspeed.

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Simply because technology allows to create fun games doesn’t mean that we can’t make them useful. A good example for this is the latest project the U.S. Border Patrol has been working on, along with a team of researchers at a government-funded laboratory. Shortly, they’ve built a giant touchscreen video game to help them simulate the control techniques they use for capturing illegal aliens and reveal smuggled goods.

The Borders High Level Model (HLM) is bound to improve performance from the U.S. Border Patrol service and give them insights as to what they could do better. The whole thing costs about $1 million and although it may seem a lot, apparently, it’s not. Here’s an explanatory video from Sandia Labs:

Do you think this kind of applications for gaming could prove to be more useful than other methods? Do you believe in gamification?

Via Kotaku.

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Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed

Car games have become more than just gaming for fun. They have evolved into complex realities that give us the opportunity to feel, see, hear and grasp emotions and sensations that would be hard to access otherwise. March 29th is a date that will certainly mark the car gaming industry: Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed will be launched and with it, a new era will arise.

The dramatic language is not used in vain to describe this, because what you will see in the video bellow highlights the best things about this game and I can tell you it is fantastic! Helmet Cam view, the sounds, the constant monitoring of different parameters, the reproduction of all the cars, they will all build a real racing environment around you, giving you a lively experience of how it feels to be a racing car driver.

The drifting experience was modeled after the 2011 Ford Mustang GT Formula Drift racer with Vaughn Gittin Jr. behind the wheel. He also talked in detail about his driving experience, so that the story can be incorporated into the game. And they did a great job from what the video reveals.

I cannot emphasize enough of how eager I am to play this game!

Source: Autoblog.

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