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As most of you already know, women are much safer drivers than men. I know some of you might disagree with this but women are less likely to make claims on their insurance for accidents because they usually drive slower than us guys.

There are good and bad drivers amongst both men and women, but the overall figures show pretty clear that women drivers get involved in fewer accidents than male drivers. There are many reasons for this situation and it is not as simple saying women are better drivers, because they really aren’t In the following, we’ll give you some essential facts regarding what factors influence car insurance for women:

a)      Driving habits – most of the ladies drive considerably slower in comparison to men and they do less mileage every year. This is a significant factor in diminishing the risk of involvement in serious car accidents and one of the main reasons why women usually can qualify for more affordable premiums;

b)      Competitive driving – women are not big fans of competitive driving, and by “competitive driving” I mean that they don’t usually try to overtake lots of cars and drive in an aggressive matter like many of us guys do it, whether we admit this or not. Obviously, competitive driving increases the risks of getting into a serious accident;

c)       Reduced costs – it is a known fact that women behind the wheel cost insurance firms less money per year, which means that the cost for car insurance for women is cheaper than one for men. However, this situation might change in the next few years as the industry’s movements are to standardize premiums for both genders, which might meant that women will pay just as much as men.

There is also the issue of age as for the women drivers that are 16-24 years old, the insurance policy will be higher, although nothing really comparable with what men of similar age have to pay. This is because this age segment is more prone to accidents and careless driving, so the rates must be adjusted accordingly. If you have a good driving record, over the years your premium will decrease.

Starting with the age of 25, the car insurance for the ladies starts to drop significantly in price, as long as the driver has a good driving record. By this time, women are assumed to be more settled and mature and as a consequence, they’ve become safer drivers and will remain that way for several decades. For this reason, the price for the insurance policy will keep going down, up to a certain point.

From the age of 65-70, both male and female drivers are less safe on the road and get involved in more accidents, leading to the increase of the premium. It will keep going up every year and if the female driver gets involved in an accident, the insurance policy will increase the premium significantly, or even decide to cancel it.

Regardless of age and sex, we recommend that you drive safe because not only you will avoid getting into an accident, you will also save a lot of money if you have a clean driving record. As they say, better safe than sorry, especially when we are talking about driving a car.

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