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Who thinks that the Portuguese are not capable of creating high-performance cars for races? Well you should look at Luso LM 23, a concept car with a central engine, created by Luso Motors. The concept was designed by Ernesto Freitas, known for his digital art works made for Ferrari Dino and Avions Voisin. The LM 23 is inspired by the Lotus 23B and combines a tubular chassis made from aluminum with a light body (made from fiber glass) and a powerful engine – Honda CBR1000 1.0 liter – developing 150bhp. The car can also be equipped with a four cylinder Subaru boxer supercharged.

If you consider that the car will only weight 400 kilograms, with that amount of power it will have some impressing performance on the circuit. The price is set to 15.000 euros without the engine and is currently available only as a kit. Whether the company has plans to eventually move to full production is unknown.

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These days, Parrot announced the Parrot MK6100. This seems to be another cool model from the French manufacturer, after MK6000 (Parrot’s first A2DP Stereo Bluetooth kit) and the CK3100, their most popular and best-selling model.

The Parrot MK6100 features an OLED display and offers DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and features dual microphones (Parrot Beamforcing technology) for stronger performance. Once it is paired with your phone, the device automatically synchronizes the names from your phonebook and so you can dial one from it. In order to keep your eyes on the road, Text To Speech system will read the names of the contacts for you. In addition, voice dialing is also supported. (more…)

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