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A car lease for $199 a month, it’s truly an offer you can’t refuse, especially considering that you are getting a new car at a monthly payment with almost a 50% discount. And that price isn’t valid for any car, but actually for a midsize sedan such as the Honda Accord, the Nissan Altima or the Chevrolet Malibu. As a result, $199 starts to look like a magic number even if along with this monthly payment you will have to cover the taxes, the license fee and sometimes an upfront that can be around $2,200.

If you are interested in one of these incredible offers, you should stick to the plan you had in mind when you first entered the dealership. It is generally known that even if a car lease of $199 for an extravagant car, powerful enough because of its four-cylinder engine, is appealing, in more than 50% of the situations, people will go for a more expensive monthly rate, because they are tempted by a V6 engine and full-options.

Another reason why you could loose a $199 car lease is represented by a less perfect credit history. Every manufacturer’s financial division has its own standards, and the differences in money between a “Tier One +” client, a “Tier One” client and a “Tier Two” client can be significant or the dealer might even refuse to grant you the lease if your credit score falls under the standard. The assessment of a client’s credit is done by applying some formulas. You can use some online instruments in order to find out if your credit qualifies for such a lease.

You should also know that a $199 lease agreement usually specifies a reduced mileage per year. For example, the Toyota Camry LE $199 car lease limits your mileage to 12,000 miles per year for a period of 3 years. As a result, an average of 40 miles a day will mean that you will easily exceed the limit, and all that extra mileage will result in an extra expense. You will have to pay 15 cents for each mile that it’s not included in the original 36,000 miles stated in the contract. You can choose to negotiate a higher mileage, but it’s very likely that the mileage extension will come for an extra cost.

Car Lease $199

If you are determined and you are sure your old car doesn’t satisfy you anymore, you should be ready to act fast. You should be always looking for such spectacular offers, because a car lease for $199 a month it’s usually offered by a dealer for a limited time period. So, be ready to act and do your research in advance. That means even finding the right car, because getting a car you hate even at an excellent price is not very appealing. There are enough options even when it comes to special offers, so use the Internet or printed sources in order to make sure you are getting what you want with the help of a $199 car lease offer.

If you haven’t yet benefited from such an outrageous offer, there is still time. The $199 car lease is usually available from companies like General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota and many other car manufacturers that are interested in offering their customers impressive incentives. Also, the auto makers and the finance companies are always trying to reduce the costs of the lease so that, in a way or another, you will still be able to take advantage of such an offer all year around. So, don’t be disappointed! Second chances are always available!

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