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A car lease broker is an option if you want to lease a car because it’s an intermediary between you as a client and the finance company. His daily job is to look into all the offers of all the lease providers on the market and determine the most competitive deals available for a certain car model. That’s how a car lease broker gets ready for his potential clients and differentiates himself from the regular dealer that is usually bound to offer you only the terms of the manufacturer he works with.

Because car lease brokers are able to provide main dealers with more than one deal, the dealer might be more willing to offer a discount for a certain car the broker requests for leasing. This discount along with the low Finance Company rate makes it possible for the car lease broker to offer you a lower lease cost. The main dealer might be able to offer you a better deal only if he is running a special promotion.

Another advantage that might convince you to choose a car lease broker is the level of Customer Service that in this case is higher, because unlike the dealer or the Finance Company he is able to personally attend you and act on your behalf in any given situation. He will be your permanent connection with the Finance Company and will help you solve any problems that might arise during the lease.

Car Lease Broker

The only thing you need to do is pay attention to a number of details when you choose a certain car lease broker. Look for one that is independent and not related to a specific finance company or car manufacturer. He should have an impressive portfolio of finance company founding partners because that’s the only way he will be able to figure out the best deals for you and master the competitive market.

Any respectable car lease broker should also be a member of the British Rental & Leasing Association. This accreditation is meant to assure you that you are dealing with a serious broker, honest and interested in his client’s well-being. You can make sure of that also by requesting to see testimonials from previous clients that should exist if he has a well established business.

The cars the broker offers you should be of all the makes and models available on the market and available through the kind of personal or business car lease contract you desire. There shouldn’t be any limitations and his advice should help you choose from that large variety, the deal and the car that best suits your needs and your budget. Once you make up your mind, the car lease broker needs to keep you informed and let you know of any progress or set back he discovers. That’s how you will find answers to all your questions about the vehicle or about the lease contract and you will not have to contact the dealer or the finance company yourself. If you end up doing something like that, than the dealer you chose failed to his job properly.

Any respectable broker will also provide free delivery of the leased car and free collection at the end of the lease. He should also remind you of pooled mileage arrangements if you’re leasing more cars for a company and offer you an entire list of additional services. For example, you should definitely consider buying gap insurance or, if you own a company, fleet management or maintenance contracts are services you should be reminded of because a complete package can result in a better deal.

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