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Allstate Leasing is a car lease company founded din 1969 that over the time has become one of the largest dealerships and service centers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their products are available for both corporate and consumer customers. Some examples of services would be the corporate fleet and individual consumer leases for 12 to 60 months, the short-term corporate mini-leases offered over a period of 3 to 9 months along with financing programs, a track-down service and the option of fleet vehicle maintenance and management plans.

The advantages that make them competitive on the market as a car lease company are represented, first of all, by the corporate fleet discounts. Considering that 80% of the businesses in the US lease their vehicles and their equipment, the discounts offered by Allstate Leasing for each vehicle your company leases, no matter if it’s one or 1000 cars, can prove to be a budget saver. In addition, the cars your company may decide to lease come with the option of a full-service maintenance management plans that are designed to help busy executives manage their vehicles. The prices for these services are kept in an affordable range and are designed to be highly efficient. The company is also willing to offer as many quotes as you wish for the cars you are interested in and discuss the matter of vehicle specs and warranties until you become comfortable with the options offered. For companies, Allstate Leasing also offers a full line of equipment leasing option.

Car Lease Company

Consumers will benefit from great lease deals as well. This car lease company offers for leasing new or certified used cars. They put an entire showroom and lot at your disposal. Other 30 local Maryland dealerships that are representatives of Allstate Leasing can also provide you with the car of your dreams. There is also available door-to-door delivery of your leased vehicle to your home or work place while the staff members will be glad to answer all your questions and help you finish quickly with the entire lease process, because this car lease company handles every aspect: credit, trade, tag and title service. All these services will offer you security, convenience and savings. You can just use the online lease applications and have the car you desire delivered in short time.

One downfall of this company is the fact that even if they offer door-to-door delivery in all 50 states, the tracking service, the option of custom building your car and free online quotes, they don’t offer GAP insurance, the option of trading your car and many lease specials. What is nice about this car lease company is that the variety of vehicles that can be leased is wide including town cars, but also exotic sports cars and SUVs. They also offer the customer the opportunity to buy the car at the end of the lease. Also, at the end of the lease they will be interested in the car’s condition because if you return a damaged car you will have to pay an expensive hefty fine that might be more costly than the bill you would receive from a repair shop. Also, don’t forget about the mileage restriction stated in the contract that’s usually between 12,000 and 15,000 miles a year, because at the end of the lease you will have to pay for every extra mile you have driven.

All in all, Allstate Leasing is an excellent car lease company that offers many advantages for both corporative and consumer clients. Their fleet is diverse, they offer great leasing deals and discounts and good enough customer service.

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