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Short term car lease is an excellent idea if you decide to drive across France on a budget. Most of the rules applied to car leasing in France are similar to those established by the European Union.

The price for a car lease will include unlimited kilometers and an insurance that is valid in more than 30 European countries. We are talking about brand new cars that come at yearly rates, season independent. Moreover, the total cost gets lower as long as the car lease term extends. When you choose the rental car you should also think about fuel price, because the diesel models are more cost effective than the gasoline ones.

Car lease in France

In order to be able to lease a car in France you should be at least 18 years old (no maximum age is specified) and also able to provide proof of a valid driver license at least one year old. These requirements will help you get a tax-free short-term car lease in France usually called “TT”(Transit Temporaire) registration. The lease time offered varies between 170 for tourists, up to 355 days for students and teachers and some employees that are able to produce evidence of a limited work engagement in France.

Sometimes, as tourists we ask ourselves who will be aloud to drive the car, because driving can be tiring. That’s why it is good to know that a car leased in France can be driven only by the person mentioned in the car lease contract, by his/her wife/husband, and by direct ascendants and descendants but only if they are old enough and satisfy all the other conditions supposed by the TT regime. But you still have to submit a form that will specify the names of all those persons that are aloud to drive or pick up the car. These conditions are essential, because this tax-free car lease in France is available only for non-residents. You will also be glad to know that the insurance is valid no matter which person is driving the car as long as that person respects the age limit and the license restrictions.

Renault and Peugeot are two French companies that offer amazing short-term car leases for overseas visitors. The deals are great, but they’re at an advantage as well because in France the purchase tax on a used car is less costly. By leasing their new produced cars to tourists at advantageous prices, these companies are then able to sell the slightly used cars at competitive prices.

The best advantages that you have by opting for this type of car lease in France is that you get a new car at an affordable lease rate, because you will not pay for the VAT (values-added tax) that can represent 16 or eve 21% of the car rental price. Moreover, the full comprehensive insurance is another great incentive, especially because it also involves zero deductibles and no extra cost for CDW or LDW. You can also use different locations to pick the car and drop the car as long as they are authorized dealerships. The requirements aren’t vey harsh either. The age limit is maintained, but unlike other car companies Peugeot and Renault do not impose a maximum age limit (for some companies on the market there is a limit set at 70 years).

A disadvantage is represented by the 21 day minimum lease term.  Even if you need the car for fewer days you will still have to pay a three week fee. All in all the short-term lease option in France sounds great to me.

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