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If you are considering a trip in Italy or even somewhere else in Europe you should take into consideration a car lease instead of a car rental. That’s because of the buy back lease program offered by Citroen. So, if you plan in driving across Italy for more than 17 days you should consider this lease program, because you will benefit from some significant advantages.

Some of these advantages would be the excellent insurance coverage, the fact there aren’t any hidden or extra charges, you are able to pick up and drop off the car at different locations, for your money you will get a brand new car and the cost involved is lower than the one supposed by an average car rental. There are only a few disadvantages that I would like to mention: the load of paperwork necessary is bigger, you can pick-up or drop the car only at the Milan or Rome airport and that will involve an extra charge.

Car Lease Italy

Citroen’s offer (the buy back car lease program) helps you lease a car in Italy and is available only for people that are tourists in Italy for a longer period of time than 3 weeks. The price paid also includes complete insurance, so you don’t have to worry about accidents or other unpredictable events. The only extra charge you will have to pay is related to the pick-up place that if it is outside France will include an extra fee. If you decide to take advantage of this opportunity you will be able to choose the exact model you want. Moreover, the prices are in Canadian Dollars and once you paid for a car lease in Italy through this program you will benefit from the possibility to call 24 hours a day to a toll-free assistance number, no matter your location in Europe.

What you should know about this program is that if you choose to lease a car in Italy like this you should arrange the lease and pay for it 30 days before the date when you are supposed to pick up the car. After you take care of all the paperwork and all the bills you will get a voucher stamped paid, some directions that will help you find the location where you are suppose to pick up the car from, a toll-free number available for assistance 24 hours a day and a storage case for your papers. Considering that the prices are given in Canadian dollars, you might be charged with a foreign exchange fee.

There are also other car manufacturers like Peugeot that offer the buy back car lease program as well. In this case you get a brand new Peugeot, the model you desire, excellent insurance coverage, no restriction when it comes to mileage, to multiple drivers and no hidden charges. In addition, the drop off is free of charge as long as it takes place in France, a fee being charged for a drop-off location situated somewhere else in Europe.

You can also use some online solutions in order to get more information about prices paid for car leases in Italy such as or, that offer information about worldwide opportunities. is another website that can prove useful, because it provides information about short and long-term car leasing. After you chose the company and the car you are going to lease you should find the time to visit the local AAA in order to get your international driver’s permit, because you are going to need one. Also look into fuel cost in Italy. Enjoy your journey!

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