Car Lease Raffles –

People usually organize car lease raffles for the purpose of raising money for a good cause. To organize such an event is not an easy task if you want to do everything by the book because the laws that concern these raffles vary from state to state. The main advantage of such an event is you will be able to raise money for a non-profit organization without having to invest a lot.

If you want to organize a car lease raffle you should first of all find the leased cars you can offer as prize. Look for donated cars, because otherwise it will be expensive to find some cars to offer. You can try to talk to various dealers and convince them to donate a car by highlighting the impact of your organization on the community. You can also ask the members of your organization if they have an extra car they would like to offer during the car lease raffle.

After you solve the issue of the cars necessary you should talk to a lawyer in order to make sure that the event you are about to organize respects the laws of the state you live in. The laws regarding raffles can vary even from city to city, so it is always wise to check twice before making a decision. There are even states that forbid events like car lease raffles while in others you need a special license.

Once you determine you can legally organize the car lease raffle and you fill the necessary paperwork, you should establish the date when you want the event to take place and the price a participant will have to pay for a ticket. Choose a reasonable price that will attract a large number of people and in the same time will help you raise a generous amount for the charity you want to support. You can use as reference the prices set by other people who have organized such events.

Advertising is another aspect that is very important for any event. Make sure that people find out about the car lease raffle you are organizing. To do that you should place an ad in the local newspaper and on the bulletin boards in the community. If you’re organizing a bigger event you can even consider online advertising. In order to attract more participants you should find a way to show case the car you are offering for lease. You should choose a popular place such as the parking lot of a shopping center. Before parking the car there you should ask the permission of the staff. If they agree you should also make sure the car is well secured. On the car or near the car you should place a sign that informs people about the date of the event and the place where tickets can be purchased.

You should use two-part number tickets in order to be able to keep a part of the ticket and give the other part to the buyer. That’s how you will be able to identify the winner of your car lease raffle as long as you have a document that contains the number of every ticket sold and the name and the contact details of the person that bought the ticket. When the day comes you will be able to have fun and announce the random winner of the car lease raffle. The only thing left to do will be to make sure the winner gets the car as promised. Reward all the people that helped you with a well-deserved party.

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