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The CarMax Company is one of the largest used-car retailers in the United States and is also a Fortune 500 company. The first CarMax used car store opened its doors in September 1993 in Richmond, Virginia. This company has sold only in 2009 more than 350,000 cars and since 2010 is the owner of around 103 subsidiaries located all across the USA. In 2009 CarMax used cars were available in 100 used car superstores and other seven new car franchises which are all integrated in its used cars superstores and registered that year total revenues of $6.97 billion.

The CarMax concept was developed by Circuit City executives led by Richard L. Sharp (CEO at the time) in 1991. This concept was known as “Project X” or the “Honest Rick’s used cars” for the people part of it. Its main goal was to evaluate the business opportunities existent on local markets. After the evaluation, the CarMax team decided to extend in a number of different locations. They managed to purchase rights from some important car manufacturers such as Jeep, Mitsubishi, Chrysler and Toyota. To sell their CarMax used car they also bought an Auto Mall in Wisconsin which came with some additional automaker franchises for BMW, Ford and Volvo cars.

A typical CarMax used car store has 59,000 square feet used to display around 300-400 vehicles. In addition, each store has an average of 40 employees and they guarantee a car sale every 12 hours necessary to prepare the car for being displayed and to advertise it to different interested customers. In addition, every car that is put on sale goes through a long inspection process which includes around 125 stages that cover more than the state-required inspections. This inspection process includes checking the engine, the fuel system, the accessories, the cooling system, the suspension, the interiors, the brake system and the transmission. Also inspected are the odometer, the locks and the spares. CarMax is proud of its inspection process. Only one out of ten used cars respects all their requirements.

The advantages of buying a used car from a CarMax used car store are many and are able to convince any customer. First of all, such a store offers a large selection of 20,000 cars which includes every model available on the market. You can even find trucks. In addition, you won’t have to waste your time negotiating a better deal, because the CarMax Company has a low price policy for all its used cars. They also offer you the possibility to buy one of their used cars from a CarMax store located in another city than the one you live in without charging you more money. Other advantages are the 30-day warranty and the five-day money back guarantee.

You can also sell your car to one of the used car CarMax stores. If you decide to take advantage of the opportunity they offer, you will benefit from a fair deal. You can be sure they will buy your car after thoroughly inspecting it. Because of the inspection they perform they can objectively explain you why your car is worth more or less than you would have expected. Their offer will be valid seven days, so you will have time to think about it.
For many people the CarMax used car company is the perfect solution even if they want to buy or sell a used car, because the company offers them all the information and the help they need. The CarMax used car stores are so popular and well known by people because of their highly professional services.

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