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Apparently, Red Bull’s mercurial world champion names his racing cars, such as pilots do with their fighters and bombers. This year, he got inspired by a woman, the Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue, and gave to his Red Bull RB7 the name of Kiny Kylie.

So, let’s make the name history of some of his racing cars: Julie (a Toro Rosso STR3), Kate and Kate’s Dirty Sister (two Red Bull RB5’s, in the 2009 challenge), Luscious Liz and Randy Mandy (Red Bull RB6’s, in 2010).

We can say that the 2011 name brought him luck: he won 5 of 6 races to which he participated. As a woman and without modesty, I cannot help myself from not saying that using a woman as a muse can only bring good things into a man’s life. in this case, Kylie Minogue inspired him to victory.

This shot of the Kinky Kylie name on the cockpit of his car was taken from the Monaco Grand Prix broadcast, while the race was red-flagged.

What do you think about Kinky Kylie? A male name would have been more appropriated to a racing car?

[Source: Jalopnik]

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