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What was that sound? Did you hear that? Is that normal ? Unless it’s the continuous humm of the engine than it probably isn’t. Screeching, thumping, hissing, whistling or whirring as annoying as it may sound, you would do better to pay close attention because they are your best aid in finding the problem of your car. The car can make a wide variety of sounds that mean that either your car has sustained some damage, or a component is malfunctioning.

Since car maintenance can get too expensive from time to time, it can be useful if you can check some things for yourself. After that, if necessary, you will have to take the car to a mechanic. Learn to make links between noises and car parts to know where you need to shift you attention.

Listen for possible chatter or things knocking from the engine. Check the oil, and if necessary add some more. Another possibility is that the valves may be busted and need replacing. Yet this is an operation few of us have the necessary tools or experience to deal with, a visit to the mechanic is advised.

In case you hear some hissing from the engine or you get the feeling that the engine isn’t running well, than you will almost certainly see a slight performance drop just after the engine starts “whistling”. The conclusion can be only one: the engine is overheated. The hissing noise you hear is the water reaching boiling point since cooling system might be damaged. In this case you need to shift your attention to the catalytic converter. Since it might be plugged it may need replacing.

Another engine related noise can be a whirring that seems to increase exponentially as the vehicle’s speed increases (implicitly so the engine’s rpm). This may be caused by faulty bearings of the alternator. In this case you need to have the alternator checked out. This may be a little more complicated so once again, you would better head on to a mechanic. Or the problem may came from a damaged air conditioning compressor. Once again, the air conditioning system is rather complex and maze like, so a visit to the mechanic is advised.

Car Problem Noises

This one can be quite scary, though the problem is not a severe one. Loud explosion-like exhaust bursts which may come from the back or the front of the car. This is quite simple to recognize and handle since most likely your exhaust pipe is either worn out or cracked. And the solution is quite simple, either replace the exhaust pipe which is simple to take out (all you need is a wrench and a screwdriver) or you can take it to a shop and do some wielding to fill in the gap.

If you feel that your car is starting to shake or vibrate when you’re accelerating, than perhaps you need to change the fuel type you’re “feeding” it. A higher grade fuel will make for smoother combustions inside the gas chamber, not leaving a difference in pressure from which the engine tempo to get unbalanced therefore causing a shaky power distribution to the pistons.

If you hear a screeching sound when you accelerate, than you need to do a little work on the fan belt. In case the fan belt is loose it will slip on the channel causing that screeching sound of rubber against steel. Make sure that the belt is not loose cause it may seriously damage the belt and failing to insure an efficient cooling of the radiator.

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