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As a car owner you need to possess the basic knowledge needed so that you can know when you’re having trouble with the car. Anyone of us must have taken the car to a second hand mechanic and got it back with the same problem as before, maybe with additional damage inflicted upon it. This can be extremely frustrating, that’s why you need to assess the problem and be able to present to an extent the problem to a certified mechanic. For this purpose I’ve gathered list of some of the most common problem symptoms that may appear.

For example: air that holds an unpleasant odor comes out of the air conditioning system. This is a situation that may occur when the car air conditioning system has a problem with a drain pan. The Evaporation drain pan is not draining properly because there is some obstruction in the drain hose.

This may happen when moisture is formed on the evaporator and starts to drip on the drain pan causing all the moisture to get trapped inside then drain pan, fact that causes an unpleasant smell to be carried along the a/c vents.

Car problems

Another situation is when the ignition key is turned the vehicle doesn’t start, only a clicking sound occurs.

Many people have encountered this problem and it may lead to two possible outcomes: either there is a problem with the battery, or it’s something that involves your starter. Finding out if the problem is related to the battery is easy: turn the key only half the turn, to accessory setting (this turns only the electrical equipment on) and try to operate the windshield wipers. If the wipers are moving slower than usual or not moving at all there is definitely something wrong with your battery, since the wipers are operated electrically.

If they run correctly and you can see no anomaly there then it’s a starter problem, which gives you only one option, locate your starter and check for any disconnected, corroded or otherwise affected wires. If so have your mechanic change it.

Excessive engine vibration while idling can be a very unpleasant thing to experience and even dangerous in some cases. For the engine to run correctly and at optimal parameters, all the engine’s cylinders must fire properly and in the correct order, but there are affected cylinders that misfire, they affect the entire engine block balance and causes the whole vehicle to shake like a boat. Usually the main cause of engine misfiring is due to a worn distributor cap or a spark plug. Another reason might be a burned valve that causes improper compression thus resulting in engine misfiring. In this situation it would be ill advised to temper with the car. The best thing to do is tolling it to the nearest mechanic for tune-up and maintenance.

Here’s an example that can be truly dangerous for you and for your car: one of the wheels blocks when car brakes are applied. This is a very dangerous thing to occur while driving as you may loose control as the blocked wheel drag you off the road. This effect indicates a certain imbalance on the brakes. This usually happens when one of the wheels is braking while the opposite is not, malfunction usually caused by a contamination of the brake lining. If the brake lining presents grease or oil than under no circumstances you are to drive it. Transport it to a mechanic as soon as possible as he is able to clean, restore and recalibrate the brake

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