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No matter if the car that you’re shipping is the first Mustang, Thunderbird or Impala you’ve ever owned, or you’re a collector wit heavy experience, when it comes to getting an auto transport company that will carry your vintage car to that famous vintage show, where you plan to make some mouths fall open, you simply cannot place your pride and joy into just anyone’s hands. Since classic cars and roadsters don’t simply fly out of the assembly lines, they’re not Toyotas, collecting them is turning more and more into a privilege than a hobby, therefore you don’t exactly do your grocery run in a 67’ Chevy Impala. So if you want to ship it anywhere, no matter how far or close the destination is, you must always expect the best service possible while being offered affordable quotes.

Here is where the National Transport LLC comes in.

They can appreciate the delicate process that’s involved in transporting classic cars. The transportation of classic cars is considered one of their specialties alongside enclosed shipping and other exotic or rare automobiles, therefore they are fully aware of how valuable can a car get. Since you didn’t spend the last 10 years collecting and restoring classic cars just to see them thrashed, scratched, or damaged in any way by some careless driver of a bad transport company. They simply cannot have that.

National Transport LLC has spent countless months perfecting their services in transporting classic and collector cars starting with the fact that they make sure to have ready every transporting option the customer might require (including the enclosed transport option) to making sure that no matter where the destination is, they can get the job done in good time and in one piece. Their service in transporting classic cars is not only about the actual car shipping. It’s about all the delicacy and care for each process, from loading the car in the truck, securing it, to getting it safe and sound to your doorstep. It’s about providing swift and reliable service while being careful with the vehicle at all times. They give as much importance to your requirements and needs, as you place for your classic.

Vintage Car Shipping

National Transport LLC has been working with some of the most popular, companies like the Barret Jackson Auto Auction, or the widest online auto branch of Ebay: Most of the customers that bought or sold a car there have placed their cars in the careful hands of the National Transport LLC crew. Not to mention other numerous websites, companies or dealers that continue to be involved in the enlarged area of collector vehicle trading. They have shipped scores of vehicles across the entire US while providing a professional, competitive and top notch service that only has one purpose: delivering your car on time, without a single speck of dust on it. Therefore don’t head for any car shipping company that has “classic” in the title, instead head for National Transport LLC since they have worked and continue to work with people in the classic car collecting business and understand the true value of shipping services and the stress it inflicts on a classic car owner.

The term of “transporting treasure” may sound ridiculous to many. These are the people that clearly have no idea what a car is made of, or never seen a fully restored Dodge Charger revving nearby. Collectors understand the real effort behind each shiny centimeter a classic car has. That’s why classic car shipping demands are so high and so few car shipping companies can meet them.

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You’ve finally reached an end to your search and successfully acquired the vehicle you’ve been longing for. No matter if you got it at an auction or you went online for it, whether you got it from a far away dealership or a loved one bought it for you as the greatest gift ever. Maybe you’re just moving away and you’re not going to leave your family jewel, a ’67 Impala behind. Whichever of these is true, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that your car has to come with you.

The predicament is the fact that the destination is very far and you don’t exactly want to fly there, take possession of the car and drive it all the way back home. This is because you either don’t have the time or cannot afford to leave work. You love the car but having to travel more than 3000 miles is not exactly in the game plan and, despite the fact that the vehicle is in tip top shape, a 3000 mile drive would take a lot out of it and you just can’t have that.

Now I ask you this. Have you ever seen some big trailers passing you by on the highway? Or open air trucks that carry a full load of sweet rides from one country to another? Well those are the “backbones” of each auto transport company which would be delighted to carry your “jewel” for you.

Naturally, like any market, the car shipping market is as competitive as any. Therefore car shipping companies offer a wide array of prices and options available. Therefore it’s up t you to make the best decision for your car and dollar.

Shipping Car Advice

First you can head online and perform a simple search query for “car carriers”. Pick the ones you are familiar with, if you have any or some you may have heard about. The first ones that pop up at the search engine are usually the biggest, and most rated of all companies and they may be affiliated to hundreds of other associations like auction houses or even the car clubs or dealerships from where you purchased the car.

Just about any car transport company will offer you an online “free quote”. This means that you’re given an online form to complete in order to determine the cost of shipping the car. The risk you take is a minimal one so it’s ok to provide them with your email address as well. That is a requirement since they need it for processing and will answer you in about 48 hours tops. The process is very simple. All you need to provide is your zip code and some contact info alongside with the current location of the vehicle and the destination where you want the car to be transported. You also need to include the date you wish to transport. You will be given a pertinent and professional response with a price and exact details regarding the shipping. Repeat the whole process and you’ve got an entire list of prices and services to compare from.

Another thing you have to know is that, there are to types of car transportation companies. The car shippers and the brokers. Both can be very good but brokers tend to complicate things a bit because they technically do not own the trucks that make transport and have to get in touch with another company for the transport. Car shipping companies have their own trucks therefore the process is a lot simpler and a bit more reliable.

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Shipping a car even from a continent to another has become a synch. If only a couple of years ago you were about as worried about getting the car home as you were about finding it, now you simply go for it. Travel half around the world, find the car that you want the most and the shipping company will get it home for you in no time. Still not convinced? Check out some of the most popular car shipping companies on the market and if you’re not convinced, go for it, get a quote and you’ll see what happens.

One of the best international car shipping companies on the market is Elite Auto Shipping, which can be found at They are a serious and reliable car shipping company which will get your car to any location completely safe and sound. To make things even better they offer a full insurance coverage for the ENTIRE transport duration. Their services are for just about anyone. From their beginning till this very day, they provide transport for corporations, manufacturers, governments, private parties, and non profit organization.

International Car Shipping

Currently the most popular choice on the car shipping market is, their very own, Open Auto Transport. Anyone that has driven on highways must have seen them in action. Their massive trailers roam the highways in all directions, to any destination. Those giants bear two levels where cars are loaded and fully secured. In case you feel the need for extra security, you can very well head for the Enclosed Auto Transport. This is the usual method of transportation for high value classic or exotic cars and it’s used especially when cars with brand new paint jobs. Yet no matter what type of transportation you use, they will handle everything, from loading up your car, securing it, setting departure and arrival times to the ship transport and destination, and all you have to do is click on “Request a free quote” and fill up an online form that will take you no more than 90 seconds.

Another transport company with a real “hands-on” approach is the All America Auto Transport which you can check out at They have been in the transporting business since 1964 and have shipped vehicles all around the world. The aaa auto transport is one of the top players on the car shipping market. They bring to the table highly competitive car shipping rates, a complete customer service, and an amazingly clean record of transportation. Hundreds of individuals, equipment for the military and government personnel are satisfied with the services provided by the “aaat”. For them car transporting is a task that requires organization, speed and most of al care. Therefore they will treat your car like it would be their on, inside that trailer.

Customer satisfaction is the most important rule in the car shipping business, therefore All America’s frequent transporting schedules can only mean very little time spent waiting. With a fleet that contains the incredible number of 500 trucks (unbelievable I know) which are equipped and built the same way as the ones that deliver new cars to or from the manufacturers, they can fit you into their schedule in no time. Each truck that rolls on the highway is completely insured by public liability and cargo insurance. Furthermore, your customer insurance remains active until ALL stages of transport have been done.

Their transport services are swift and efficient and they keep a constant watch on each competitor’s rates, being able to match, and surpass most of them.

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There may be a time when you will seek variety, or seek something in particular. If that happens to be your dream car, than you cannot possibly find variety in your country so you will head on to foreign lands. Find it you will but how will you take it back home? The answer comes in the form of a good, reliable, well known professional car shipping company.

Since you were willing to travel the world to find your car, car shipping companies are willing to transport it across the seas back to your homeland. Since there are hundreds of shipping companies all around the world, how do you determine which are the most reliable. That actually isn’t very complicated, all you need to do is check out the number of visitors on each website (we are talking about unique visitors). The more visit the website gets, its value and reliability in the people’s eye increases, to that extend serving as a guide for you in picking the best transport deal. Let’s check out some of the most popular car shipping companies on the market.

Best Car Shipping

First stop is at Auto Movers of New York shipping company located in Staten Island, New York. They are a national and international car shipping company which transport cars just about anywhere. Either it’s across the country or across the world. Their transportation facilities are completely insured and very capable. You can book a transport by calling them, or by order form and, of course, getting a quote online. They keep the customer satisfied by: all carriers are fully insured, federally licensed, every couple of days they are shipping, contact with the carriers 24/7 for updates on location. With 1164 visitors I think just about any car seeker in NY is heading their way.

Next in line is the 1st Choice Shipping transport company. They are located in Redding California. The reason for their success is that it’s a family business that has been in the transporting business for many years. This can be very appealing for the customer because when you’re in contact with them you are not dealing with a corporation that gives and requires information like a robot, it’s a more familiar and warmer atmosphere where you can speak freely. They treat every customer like the friendly neighbor, and for that reason managing to get nothing less than 1233 visitors, and quite a few ratings.

IQ Transport is literally one of the smartest choices you can do when in need of shipping. They are fully aware of the fact that there are hundreds of other shipping companies literally beating each other with sticks to get to you. That’s why IQ Transport makes its priority in showing up on the top three results no matter where you search: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. Providing quality service for each customer and guiding him from the beginning of the process to its end, makes IQ Transport stay several steps ahead of the competition. The 1326 votes speak for themselves.

And finally the current market leader the AMERIFREIGHT. Not only that they have 1740 votes but they have one long review list. They handle each customer with care and the atmosphere is pleasant, you won’t feel like you’re pressured to do anything since their staff is not paid by commissions like other companies. It’s enough to check out their record: rated A by the BBB for the quality of car shipping services, rated A by the Afta Plan for complete protection of all transported items, and may other “A’s”.

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Since the massive growth in car transactions over the internet, car shipping companies have been thriving because of this. Unfortunately the world is as it is and people based only on “get rich fast” plots and malicious intents feel the need to steal in order to get to their goal. This is how the online scam is born. Here we’re going to make reference to one scam in particular, the car shipping scam.

The shipping scam target in particular sellers of cars or boats, motorcycles RVs and many other valuable items. They advertise with various methods, for example one report says that a car dealer from Australia has been redirected to a website that advertised shipping for free.

Car Shipping Scam

Many fraudsters have attempted to copy as many aspects as possible from true car shipping sites trying to make their websites as legit as possible. The idea was that they were contacting potential victims that they were interested in buying their vehicle and take care of the shipping themselves via the so called “honest and approved” shippers. The victim would enter the website that they made themselves. In most cases victims don’t possess that much experience or knowledge to detect a professionally made website or the potential threats hidden under it.

Once the victim’s interest was caught they knew they had a very good chance to pull it off. Than the con man would send a check to the seller containing the cost of the vehicle plus enough to cover the fees for overseas transport (how kind of them).

Now what was really happening? Let’s assume that you had a car that was worth $5000 and you want to sell it. Let’s consider that the shipment fee was of $1000. For all this you receive a check that is worth no less than $6000 thus kindly covering the transport fee and the car’s value. You take the check and go to the bank and are informed that it’s all right. The funds are in your account, cleared and safe for keeping.

A few days pass and you will be required to send a little part of the money to the shipping agent that will contact you in order to make payments for the shipping. Keep in mind that the shipping costs are of $1000. You will be requested to send the money via Western Union or other instant transport like Moneygram which you will do in order to faithfully supply the transportation. This type of transfer is untraceable and can be picked up at the other end in less than 2 minutes. After the fee has been paid you are notified by the bank that your check has bounced and automatically takes money from your personal account. Like this you have just lost $1000.

Here are several tips that will help you avoid situations like this. For example, whatever transaction you decide to go for, the golden rule is the same as in everything: keep it simple. Stay away from complicated transactions that involve contacting a whole lot of agents and whatever companies, middle men and others that you cannot see face to face. The entire thing is designed to make you dizzy and leave you with a serious hole in your pocket.

As with every transaction you’re about to make, firstly go right ahead and check the credentials for it so that you know the kind of company you’re dealing with. In case you feel its way too good, than your instincts will probably be right: it’s fake. You just head on to work with proper people

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You have your dream car. It might have cost you enough to travel overseas to acquire it, but it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that you have it. Now, how do you take it home and be the envy of every neighbor on the block? This is where the shipping companies come in. if only 10 years ago you had to wait long periods and had to go through grueling processes of completing forms and other paperwork, nowadays all you need to do is click a bit from the comfort of your armchair and an online quote will appear before your very eyes. Have a look at some of the best and biggest transport companies.

One of them is the Auto Car Shippers transport company. They offer a wide variety of items to be transported. You have autos, classic cars, vintage ones, SUV’s trucks, even RVs, boats and Jet Skis. They cover just about any form of transportation. The Roll On Roll Off (RORO) is the easiest way to ship a car. driven inside the ship and completely secured within the car deck by an entire system of straps, wires, cords and braces. The cars will be even more comfortable than you are, and in the same time they’re safe, secured, scratch free, and of course dry. Now that’s traveling in style, probably that’s why every major car manufacturer like GM, Audi, Honda use this method to ship in their cars. There are RORO ports in all major countries and the sailing frequency is about every 10 days.

Auto Car Shipping

Another method of transportation provided by the Auto Car Shippers, is the Container Shipping. This means your car will be loaded into a 20 feet of 40 feet container at the closest warehouse or port. Inside the container the car is highly secure because of the wooden blocks and straps that prevent any kind of movement. The big advantage here is that you can put your personal things inside the container and the fact that sailings are even more frequent makes it for a faster transport, the sailing delay being reduced to 7 days between transports.

If you the distance can be crossed on land than the car transporter is the best bet you have. It operates on interstate range or local transport, making it the favorite transportation mode for European movers. Auto Car Shippers own no less than 16 vehicle carriers that are suited for all kinds of transportation. They can handle just about anything and deliver any transport at precise time and with great care for your prized possessions.

You can be assured by the quality of their services by simply looking at the nigh number of credentials that they possess. They have received high rates from all the following comities: the AMSA (American Moving Storage Association), HHGFAA (Household Goods Forwarded Association) and the BABC (British American Business Council). They all place Auto Car Shipper on the top of all shipping lists.

Getting a quote from them is one of the simplest things you can do on the website. It only takes you 60 seconds. All you need to do is to place the info about the “item” you plan to ship, the period, destination and expedition country and your email. Nothing simpler, and they will take care of the rest.

With over 1000 cars shipped all around the world on a monthly basis, and strategically located points of retrieval all over the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia they will take your car around the world in style.

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You didn’t succeed in finding your dream car in your area so you went abroad. You were finally successful, you found it, even better got a good price for it, now the problem is: how do you get it home? The solution is a shipping company. There are hundreds of shipping companies that can transport cars all around the world. With the help of we’ve selected the top ten. Let’s check them out.

Ranked 10th with 528 reviews is the Red Carpet Auto Transport. They represent an auto transport brokerage that works directly with the customer on every aspect of their transportation. Having connections on more than 1000 trucking companies, they take care of absolutely everything, your single effort being:  making contact with them and establishing the origin and destination.

The 9th place is occupied by TransportConnection with 561 reviews. They made our top because of the personalized car shipping services they offer to the customer. There are no hold-ups or the grueling effort of calling a representative that won’t answer and so on. They work directly with the customer and try to provide the best shipping service possible

Ranked 8th on our list is the Agape Auto Transport company with 873 reviews. They are a versatile and fast response transport company that feature a wide array of transport offers for: family or personal vehicles, military mobilization, car shows and classic cars, in case of Ebay purchases from abroad, seasonal movements, students relocating, running or not running vehicles, dealerships and so on. No matter what the situation, they have it covered.

On the 7th place we find the AngelsMovingAutos. It may sound fancy and overstated but the 997 reviews beg to differ. They are very dedicated to the transportation process and take their time with the needs and wants of each customer so that they can provide the best transport service possible. Each car is handled even more carefully than one of their own. Experienced, dependable, and insured carriers will transport your vehicle anywhere.

Car Shipping Reviews

Direct Express Auto Transport is ranked 6th on our list with 1371 reviews. It got so many good “marks” for being one of the most reliable shipping companies on the market. An instant car shipping quote really means instant to them and, on the plus side 90% of them work. They received one of the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), thus making them, reliable, fast and exceedingly good.

Next in line is the M2reevescarshipping company ranked at 5th place with 1700 reviews. They provide services for just about any type of vehicle from cars (they may be old or new or classics), SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, RVs or boats. All transported with great care swiftness to the destination.

The 4th place is occupied by Domestic Auto Transport with 1746 reviews. Boasting on top prices for any kind of transports and peace of mind they make service simple and smart.

3rd place is occupied by Cascade Vehicle Shipping with 1860 reviews. This is the ultimate transport company for your family car. With the Guaranteed Price Match status, they offer some of the best prices around.

The runner up with over 3000 reviews is the Amerifright. BBB rating, experienced carriers, excellent pricing, insurance for all transports, and reliability. That just about covers it.

And finally number 1 with no less than 3430 reviews is the Magic Carpet Auto Transport. They are literally the best. Handling quotes with unmatched speed, makes this company pulverize the ratings of all others. Prices better than here you cannot find.

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