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If you want to relocate to Cyprus you might be interested in shipping your car along with other personal belongings in advance. As in any other shipping process you will need to find the suitable international car shipping company that will safely transport your car to Cyprus. If you are worried about the cost you should just compare multiple quotes and get an idea of what services are available for your money.

Car shipping to Cyprus is also influenced by the rules and regulations specified by the Cyprus local authorities. You should know that Cyprus is part of the European Union and the main document that they require from foreigners is their passport. To successfully ship your car to Cyprus you will also need to be able to provide the car’s registration, a valid driving license and proof of insurance. Car shipping to Cyprus is only allowed for cars that you have owned for at least six months prior to the date of shipment. You will also have to pick up the car from the destination port and you will benefit from tax exemption only if you import one car per person. You will also be required a valid visa that is necessary for permanent residence and in order to have the possibility to ship your car to Cyprus.

Car Shipping To Cyprus

Usually, the companies that offer car shipping to Cyprus offer roll-on and roll-off services and guarantee a time necessary for completing the shipment of around 14 days. You are also free to choose a container in which to have the car shipped and you are required to also purchase insurance. It’s essential to buy your insurance from a reliable company that will be able to cover the loss or damage of your car during the shipment. Once you decide upon all the details, the company should be able to provide you with an accurate quote that should display the cost of every service you requested. The moment your car is being shipped to Cyprus you should receive the bill from the company. Once the car reaches its destination you should rely on the car shipping company to have an agent clear for you all the custom formalities necessary for the legal entry of the vehicle in Cyprus.

Your main responsibility is to prepare the car for shipping according to the rules your shipping company should let you know of. Mainly, like in the case of any other car shipping process, you will need to clean the car, leave just a little gas in the tank, switch off any alarms the car might have and remove your personal items from the car’s inside. If there are any other rules that apply only to Cyprus car shipping, the shipping company should be aware of those and let you know in due time. In order to make sure you are not over paying you should also consider using the help of online websites that allow you to fill an online form and get more than one quote from different companies. Once you pick a candidate, feel free to ask around about the experience of other clients in order to make sure it’s the right decision.

If you are not satisfied with the pricing involved by shipping your car to Cyprus you can choose to lease or rent a car in Cyprus if you aren’t planning on staying for long. It may prove to more cost effective depending on how far away is the point of departure. The only thing you can do is to objectively analyze all possibilities before making a final decision.

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