Car Shipping To The Middle East –

If you want to ship a car to the Middle East you should be aware of some tips that will make the process seem easier and will save you time and money that you will otherwise spent trying to fix the problems you were unable to foresee.

Your first concern should be the documentation requested by Middle East car shipping. This rule applies to all car shipping processes, because the papers required vary from country to country as well as the rules that apply to your vehicle’s condition. The two documents that are always mandatory are the car’s registration and title and a photo id. The rest of the documents depend on the destination and you can find out the specific details from the shipping company you hire or from the websites of the authorities that regulate the process in the Middle East country of your interest. You should also keep safe the insurance and the shipping documents.

Another important aspect is that related to citizenship. Many countries in the Middle East approve car shipping only for those who are citizens, so you should check this before making any other arrangements. For example, the Israeli authorities allow the shipment of a vehicle only if a citizen is related to the vehicle and only if the car is at least two years old. Also important is the car’s condition, because many countries have strict rules about the cars driven on their roads. That rule applies to Middle East countries as well, so you should definitely find out which cars are allowed to enter the country.

Also important about car shipping to the Middle East are customs and taxes. Most customs problems are related to personal items not declared and forgotten in the car. That’s why you should clean the car’s interior before shipping it and if you are allowed to ship some personal items along with the car, you should declare all of them. Many Middle East countries charge Value Added Taxes for the car’s shipped. The amount paid usually depends on the engine’s size.

To be able to drive the car in the destination country you will also be required to have a valid driver’s license. You may be required to bring a copy of the driver license you already have as well as some other documents in order to be given the permission to drive the car in the current country. Also, some of the Middle East countries ask from the persons that want to ship a car to their country to obtain a government transportation license before shipping the car. To find out more information about the subject you can try to contact the Ministry of Transportation of the destination country and if the staff there says the document is mandatory you should ask what procedure you should follow.

Before shipping the car to the Middle East, you should also buy insurance. During a car shipping on long distances many things can happen and although shipping companies usually provide insurance for the cars they agree to ship, for long distances they advise and sometimes require their clients to buy additional coverage.

Considering the amount of documents you are required to gather for Middle East car shipping, you should be patient and complete each step in advance. That’s how you will make sure the car shipping you are interested in takes place on schedule. I’m sure you know that the shipping process itself will take several weeks (if you live in the US). What’s also important is finding a reliable shipping company with experience in the field.

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