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With this article we are going to offer you a few tips about how to properly apply car window decals. Whether you want to apply a parking permit or a college sticker, you need to follow some instructions in order to get it right from the first time. Here is what you should do:

First of all you need to pick the right conditions for this procedure as the decals should be applied on a warm and dry day or in a garage. The glass must be cleaned thoroughly by using mild soap and water. Get a lint-free cloth (a lens cleaner / microfiber) and dry the window in order to make sure that no lint or dust specks get on the decal that you want to apply.

You now need to assemble the right tools for the job: masking tape, squeegee and a knife. Get the decal and place it where you want it. After that, put the masking tape across the decal’s top to hold it on the car’s window. Some recommend that you use overlapping strokes to apply and start at the top center and work your way down and toward each edge. It is advisable to use a smooth and slow stroke when applying car window decals. You need to go over the entire backing and watch as you peel it off.

If you notice that if any of the decal starts to lift off the car’s window, you must press it down by using a knife. With the squeegee or a credit card you need to press all of the backing again. This time use more pressure and go slower. Your last move would be to remove the backing and the decal should be set by now.

To avoid the risk of creating air bubbles, don’t forget to go slowly and start applying a bit of the decal at the time, no need to rush things over. It is highly advisable to avoid using chemical products like glass cleaner on the car’s window as it could damage the decal.

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