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Most of the people, after buying a car, wish to make it more attractive and start make some improvements in this way. Beside rims and inside improvements, many drivers use the car window stickers so the windows look more beautiful or if they are business people, drivers can put the brand of their business on the car windows.

Usually, there are 4 types of car window stickers: cut vinyl lettering, magnetic stickers, simple stickers and pid plates.

The vinyl lettering is applied with adhesive. This window sticker is a little bit difficult to be removed after appliance, but it looks very beautiful on car windows. In this way, drivers can apply on their windows letters or drawings (like companies logos).

The magnetic stickers are the same made of vinyl material, but on the back of the sticker is applied a flexible magnetic sheet for the sticker to be easily removed from your car or van windows. These kinds of signs are perfect for the car owners that need to apply and remove signs fast and easy. In this way when you get tired of a sticker you can replace it easily and keep the old sticker so put it back on the window.

Car Window Stickers

Simple stickers are the cheapest stickers available because of their production costs. These stickers are manufactured by printing letters or logos on a high quality paper sheet that will stick on your car window. After being cut the letters from the paper sheet are attached to an adhesive flexible clear plastic that is laminated.

Pid plates meaning also personal identification plates are made through the injection molding procedure. These plates are resistant to weather bad conditions because are made of the same good material as the car manufacturers use for the cars identifications letters. The essential condition of those pid plates is that they should look like are part of the original texting on the car. It is a little bit difficult to apply the pid plates on the windows, because those are created to be applied on the trunk on the car.

The car window stickers are by our choice black or colored, letters or drawings, logos of personal interests or business interests. We can choose the manufacturer whatever size we want and we can also choose them to apply to our car windows if we can’t stick them easily and nice. They will make our vehicle looks better and our windows to be more expressive for the people that read the stickers or just watch them.

And when you order car window stickers you better be very careful about the quality of them because bad quality stickers can damage your windows of the car and can remove themselves in a short time leaving a lot of marks on the glass that will be removed with big difficulty.

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