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The car window tinting prices depend upon the type of the car, the type of the tinting film and other factors as well. You need to know that there are a small percentage of cars out there that are more expensive to tint than the rest. Whenever you go to a tint shop they will ask you what kind of car you have.

Tinters usually know what cars take more time to tint properly. They will charge more for cars that have steeped and curved rear windows like the Corvettes or the Volkswagen Beetle. Of course, each additional square foot of window tint on your car will require more window film to tint so if you have a station wagon or an SUV you will definitely play more in comparison to a person that has a sedan.

Just like a Hyundai is way more affordable than a Mercedes, there are wide price differences between tinting film products. The most affordable one can be many times less expensive than the most costly model, but you will get exactly what you pay for.

If you decide to buy a cheap film, it will look good at the beginning, but you need to know that they can fail to block the summer heat or they could turn purple, fade or even bubble right after you install it. If you are willing to pay for quality, it is advisable to get fully-metalized sputtered or deposition window films.

Before paying for tinting services, you should ask for the performance warranty. In most cases these warranties can last from as little as 12 months to a lifetime. You need to know that car window tinting prices can vary also because the warranty is not the same with all the products. Most of these warranties cover peeling, bubbling, glazing and cracking problems. Others will come with a “color-safe warranty” which means that if the tint will change its color, you are eligible to have it replaced. If you plan on selling the car later on, it is a good idea to get a product that comes with a “transferable” warranty as it will add permanent value to your ride.

Be careful when choosing the shop because although some might offer a lifetime warranty, if they close the shop, who will be replacing your fading tint? Better safe than sorry as they say and for this reason you should pick out a reputable company. You will pay more for the job but in the end you will get a better deal.

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