Carbon Motors waiting for government loan in order to get patrol cars on the street in 2013 |

Even though Carbon Motors announced its entry into the purpose-built police car market, with the E7 prototype it showcased a few years ago, nothing concrete was heard after that. The recent deal between Carbon and BMW, so that the future squad cars could be powered by the Bavarian company’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, did awake new interest in the project.

Sadly, don’t go thinking you’ll be seeing the intriguing E7 patrolling the streets anytime soon, as Automotive News is reporting that Carbon officials are still waiting for a federal government loan of $310 million, so that the production can start without a hitch.

Last time we heard, the company was boasting 13,000 pre-orders for the E7 police car, and it looked like it was getting close to production. According to AN, the first cars from Carbon Motors might be hitting the streets, if the loan goes through, as early as 2013. This will definitely give the cars coming from the Detroit 3 a lot of headway though.

Hopefully, at least for Carbon, the purpose-built nature of the E7, being specifically designed and built with police action in mind, will give it an edge over the once-civilian Ford Taurus Police Interceptor, Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Caprice.

Source: Automotive News

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