Carl-Peter Forster leaves Opel, Bob Lutz to step in as chairman |

Just a short time before GM’s board announced that it will keep German automaker Opel, its chairman, Carl-Peter Forster, revealed that it was for the best that the new owner should be Canadian partsmaker Magna.

You can be sure that GM didn’t like that, and after canceling the deal with Magna, proceeded to make a few modifications inside the German company. Forster was, of course, one of the first to go, and his place will be taken by GM’s current vice chairman and head of marketing and communications (also part time racer) Bob Lutz.

While this is definitely a boost in the reputation for Lutz, he will be handling the job as Opel chairman, and with it the role of GM’s European relations, only until the company will find another person qualified for the job. According to some rumors, the US company will choose someone from Germany, in order to save its reputation, which took some massive blows in the last year.

Source: Bloomberg via Autoblog

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