Cars We Hate Part 18 – From SEMA 2010 –

The 2011 SEMA show will start next week so in this article we have a look at three of the ugliest cars shown at last year’s edition.

One of them is based on the Chrysler 300m which frankly isn’t a pretty car in its standard version, but this pimped out version looks considerably worse, featuring five Lambo doors and huge rims that look absolutely pathetic.

You’ve got to appreciate how much work they’ve put into this project car, but at the SEMA show last year it was one of the ugliest. It had an outrageous body kit with some hideous fender ports and air scoops. What made this car “special” is that pea green paint and the TV mounted on the hood.

The last one is a woody convertible and to be honest, we don’t know what car is that since it has been heavily (and dreadfully) modified. It comes with a very tacky music-themed interior and exterior, along with very ugly chrome rims.

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