Castrol implements new campaign to reveal the right oil for your car in the UK |

While most drivers believe that the most important fluid in their car is the fuel, they tend to neglect the fact that oil plays an even bigger part in the “health” of their precious automobile. But sadly most of the drivers don’t really know what type of oil to put in their car and just go with what friends or shopkeepers tell them, sometimes ending with some horrific results or a damaged engine.

That is why reputed oil manufacturer Castrol has devised a new type of campaign for its products, which not only promotes them, but also helps drivers know the right type of oil for their car. The video below shows UK talk show presenter and driving authority Quentin Willson, which appeared on Top Gear or Fifth Gear, revealing the new oil camera from Castrol.

This new device will act as a speed camera, for example, but will record the license plate of your car, and in a few seconds will reveal, on a video billboard ahead of the road, the right Castrol oil for your car. The new system has already been implemented as a test around London yesterday. What do you think about the initiative? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment below the article.

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