Chevrolet Camaro SS-based Firebreather movie car revealed |

Exodus Pictures is preparing to release sci-fi flick Jinn onto the movie-going masses. Written and directed by Ajmal Ahmad, the movie is set to attract quite a big audience.

But how is this related to cars? Well a very special Chevrolet Camaro SS will be predominantly featured in the flick, boasting a completely bespoke design and quite a catchy name: the Firebreather. The car was designed by Ahmad, and created by Exodus Pictures in collaboration with fellow Michigan-based Classic Design Concepts.

Despite the car looking pretty bad due to the lighting conditions at the Detroit Autorama convention, you can still see that this was once a Camaro SS, but has now received a fresh body kit, very reminiscent of the classic Trans-Am design.

In case you’re interested, Exodus and CDC will be marketing 50 of them to the public, each costing aroudn $60,000. For that money you won’t be getting a power upgrade, but handling will be improved thanks to the Elbach Pro-Plus Performance package and the new Pirelli racing tires.

Source: Autoblog

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