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2010 has been a great year for Chevrolet lovers everywhere. Coming up with models for each car segment, Chevrolet got its dominion established over the truck and muscle car segment. Besides, who wouldn’t want a beautiful Camaro, or a sturdy Silverado. If you’re curious, check out the 2010 releases from Chevrolet and who knows, maybe you’ll even end up getting one.

Starting with the Chevrolet Silverado, I simply have to state out how handsome a truck it is. It carries around a little less flair than other full size trucks like Toyota, Nissan or Dodge. When 2007 came General Motors decided there was time for a change and completely redesigned the Silverado. The body was simplified and acquired a bigger grille. Speaking of cabin, the Silverado as two looks available:  the “pure pick up” that has a high dashboard and is absent of a center console so that three across seating could be installed. The more expensive LTZ version receives several upgrades in console, trim, and gains metallic painted pieces which makes it loot a lot better than its competition.

If you want a unique awesome looking car than you should definitely go for the Chevrolet HHR. Wherever you would look on the road there are not many others to match it in the styling section. Its design heritages takes you back 50 years ago, thus the name being HHR which means Heritage High Roof. If we were to quote Edmunds, they say about the Chevy HHR that is the “modern replica of a good old fashion big fendered American vehicle from the 40s”. This unique and beautiful styling earned the HHR some of the best reviews from Car and Driver or Detroit News. It’s a reliable car that’s versatile and comfortable and its cool design is not only for show, it allows it to be cargo friendly as well.

Now there’s a champ. The 2010 Chevy Avalanche is considered Chevrolet’s Transformer truck since the beginning of 2002. It brings to the table a sturdy and heavy payload chassis with a flexible cabin that has everything incorporated, even a bed if the road is too long and you feel like taking a little time off from driving. Just pull over, turn on the music and relax. The cockpit has an amazing design and can come in 2 versions, either with six or with five passengers. says that “it has an interior styling similar to the Tahoe but with a much better dashboard” thing that gives it a more carlike environment than most of its predecessors. For such a big truck, its controls are so easy it’s unbelievable. Its V8 engine works great alongside the automatic transmission which makes the motion surprisingly fluid.

Chevrolet HHR

It may not be great or grand in any way but the Chevrolet Cobalt will get the job done, and on the plus side it has outstanding fuel economy. It pretty much remained unchanged since 2009, except for some little improvements in features and standard equipment. Unfortunately there was no change in the styling. The only trim that looks better than the rest is the SS one that apparently received more styling upgrades. At least it’s quiet. The cabin is so relaxing since you barely hear the purr of the engine as you take on a smooth ride to the country. Unfortunately it has quite a list of downers as well. Its subpar finish could be a turn off for someone, and the same goes for the lack of several safety features which will definitely cost it a lot at people’s choice.

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