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In the world of car manufacturers, classic cars have an important role in their history. And even if they all made everything possible to bring in the world something amazing each time, in the domain of classic cars Chevrolet is one of the “sacred monsters”. This company begun as an independent firm and over the time has manufactured hundreds of cars that are nowadays considered classics. Chevrolet classic cars can surely be considered “iconic”.

I believe that the most of us have seen a Chevy Corvette or a Chevy Bel Air. But do you know that those cars are the most popular Chevrolet classic cars? You might ask me why? You will find the answer written bellow and I’m sure that you will end up agreeing with me.

An interesting model of Chevrolet is the Chevy Camaro. It’s very appreciated among car lovers. The car was built as a reaction to the Ford Mustang’s release on the market. We can honestly say that Chevrolet was the winner of the “fight”, leaving the competition behind. This model was designed to be equipped with wide tires, an upgraded suspension and bumblebee stripes placed on front of the car. The Road&Track magazine considers the 1971 Camaro as being one of the best ten cars ever built.

Another Chevrolet classic car is the Chevy Bel Air. This is one of the cars that brought fame to the Chevrolet brand. All car collectors think that the first Chevy Bel Air built in the late 1950’s and the later version that was released in the 1960’s are still the most wanted classic cars. This Chevrolet line had the biggest success possible when it came to sales and it defeated all its competitors. That’s why the company continued manufacturing the Chevy Bel Air until the middle of the 1970’s.

In 1958 Chevy Impala became the second best selling car manufactured by the Chevrolet brand, right after the Bel Air. The car is one of the most popular Chevrolet classic cars. The 1958 Chevy Impala had taillights on each side, a new frame and a new chassis design. The new frame offered a lower and larger passenger compartment and an increased rigidity. The car was powered by a 283 cubic inch engine that could reach 290 horsepower. In 1965 the Impala model was sold in over a million units and it holds that record to this very day.

Chevrolet Camaro

Another incredible classic car built by Chevrolet is the Corvette, which is a muscle car. The car was manufactured for the first time in 1953 when only 300 units of this model became available for sale. All the units had the well known fiberglass body, the black canvas tops, the white wall tires and the red interior. Chevy Corvette is one of the rarest Chevrolet classic cars and collectors appreciate it not only through words, but also through a well-deserved price of one million dollars.  The 1960 model was equipped with a 283 cubic inch V8 engine and could produce 315 horsepower. The same car model had a four speed manual transmission, AM/FM radio and a removable hardtop.

Chevrolet Corvette

These are just a few of the Chevrolet classic cars that were built over the years. The designs are able to satisfy all tastes and helped Chevrolet be a part of car history. Even if we talk about the Chevrolet classic cars or the nowadays Chevrolet cars, you know that your confidence will never be deceived.

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