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Chevrolet Motors

Chevrolet, known also under the name of Chevy, is a vehicle make produced by General Motors. Among the car makes and models produced by this American concern, Chevy is the best sold product and the most famous on the market. The Chevrolet cars are divided in over 20 models each, every model being remodeled in every car era. Chevrolet Motors produces different models of vehicles, starting small ones to commercial trucks, the most wanted truck from this manufacturer being Chevrolet Silverado that occupies second place in the truck rank, first place being taken by Ford F-Series. Don’t forget that for small family cars, the model named Chevrolet Impala occupies the first place in top selling of cars in USA.

Chevrolet Motors was founded by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant. Mr. Chevrolet Louis was a race driver and Mr. Durant was the founder of General Motors but because of some problems he had in this company he was fired from General Motors in 1910. In this time, they both decided to rebuild the reputation and to clear the name of William Durant inside this industry. With year passing, the company developed a lot and during 1916 William Durant became again the president of General Motors and he accomplished the fusion of GM and Chevrolet Motors. In this way, Chevrolet models of vehicles had a huge impact between 1950 and 1960. For example, in 1962, one of ten cars sold in United States was a Chevy and this generated great profits during that period to General Motors and its owners.

Chevrolet Motors

Besides vehicles, Chevrolet Motors created its own models of watches named after its founder, Louis Chevrolet. On the back of those watches it is written number 9 because this was the number of racings of the Chevy founder. All Chevrolet fans own one of these watches in the memory of Mr. Louis Chevrolet.

In order to extend the business abroad, Chevrolet Motors started to produce similar American models in other countries, for example, Argentina, Brazil, India, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Canada, Chine, Switzerland  and the list is much longer. Among the models produced in this moment in USA, it can be reminded: cars named Aveo, Cobalt, Malibu, Ipala, Camaro and Corvette, Trucks names Colorado, Silverado, Kodiak and Avalanche, SUV’s named Tahoe, Suburban and Traverse, and VAN’s named Uplander and Express. The list of their products manufactured in Europe is also large. Cars made in Europe are: Spark, Kalos, Lacetti Nubira, Epica, Lanos and Aveo. SUV’s list contains only Captiva HHR model and MPV’s made in the Old Continent is Tacuma model.

In the end, Chevrolet Motors is the best car manufacturer in USA and now due to worldwide factories, it was extinguished all over the globe in order to share the American quality with drivers from all the countries.

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