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Chevrolet must have one of the most complex and animated website ever. Chevrolet fans everywhere provide thousands, even hundreds of thousands a day on their main website found at: For a manufacturer that gave us, the Chevy Camaro, Corvette and Silverado, this website is the visual representation of their performance as manufacturers, as a company and as one of the biggest players in car history. Let’s take an online trip through the many options and features that has to offer.

From the second you enter, you remain flabbergasted. The amount of flash animations and the easy access options are quite impressive. The animated slideshow presents the new generation of cars and features provided, the 2011 releases and a whole lot if information that promises to keep you glued closer and closer to the screen with each passing image. You can read about the new and improved 2012 Chevy Camaro and see an integrated video presentation of the car and its performances. The same goes for the new Chevrolet Volt (their electrical car) that was awarded the Car of the Year award by Motor Trend and for their “Truck of the YearChevrolet Silverado which can be seen on the road in one of their videos.

Chevrolet Official Site

Switching to the big menu, you can go for the Cars option, which will open a submenu containing all the new car models released in 2011 and available for purchase. You have the option to visualize all the models and trim levels of each car, which will be presented in another window containing all necessary data about the car model, fuel economy, cargo room, powetrain warranty and other pertinent information. From here you may choose the Learn More feature that will take you to another window that contains a wide and in depth presentation of the model you’ve chosen, and also you are given the nifty option of “building your own” car.

Build your own is a useful option that allows you to fully personalize your car. The first step is selecting a trim level from which to begin (for example Chevrolet Aveo has three different trim levels to choose from). And from here you are given a complete set of customization options that can simply be chosen from checkboxes. To the right there is a form containing all the features that come with the trim level and the new ones you have added. It also keeps tab on the price variations from one upgrade to another. In case you get swamped in upgrades and accessories, a button on the lower left will simply allow you to start over, resetting the car to its original state.

All options listed above are also available for the trucks, vans and crossovers/SUVs sections.

The Pricing and Offers section keeps you updated on the newest offers and best deals provided by Chevrolet. For example: the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe comes with a whole lot of advantages for interested buyers like, smaller taxes, smaller dealer fees and extra equipment for the same price. On top if it all, a 3.9% APR for a 60 month contract, which means that: for every $1000 you finance only $18.37.

And finally the Chevy Runs Deep section which is reserved for entertainment. Here you can see the newest ads and commercials currently on the air, all the events that are to take place in 2011 in which Chevrolet is involved. One thing that simply has to bee seen is The Story of Chevy that can be found at : which shows the progress of Chevrolet.

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