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The Chevrolet Forester is a SUV manufactured by General Motors and combines style with practical needs. It was released in India in 2002. This Chevrolet SUV has an incredible traction and road grip because of the transferring system that is part of this SUV, making the driving experience as smooth on the highway and on rough terrain.

At first sight, you notice that this Chevrolet SUV has the perfect dimensions. It’s 4450 mm long, 1735 mm wide and only 1590 mm high. The car has also reflector halogen headlamps and on the rear is placed a tall body taillight. If you want to buy one of this Chevrolet Foresters you can choose the color you want. Some examples of colors would be Core Red Metallic plus Carbon Grey Metallic, Premium Silver Metallic plus Carbon Grey Metallic or Regal Blue plus Carbon Grey Metallic.

Chevrolet Forester

The interior is cozy and spacious as in the case of all the Chevrolet cars. The cabin is fully decorated and has enough space for passengers and their luggage. The Chevrolet SUV is designed with an extra legroom for the passengers as well. The entertainment department was well taken care of by adding all the needed modern gadgets: double premium radio/cassette system and in-dash six CD changer. All the instrumentation is placed handy and is easy to accommodate with all the buttons. The cabin includes also some other features needed by the passengers such as roomy storage spaces, cup holders in the front, sunglass case, door pockets and cargo side pockets. The seats are comfortable and the leg space is sufficient making this Chevrolet Forester a perfect car for a long trip.

Under the hood, the Chevrolet SUV shows off a four cylinder gasoline engine placed horizontally. The engine produces 130 power horses at 5600 rpm and it has a fuel capacity of 60 liters. In only 11.78 seconds the Chevrolet Forester can go from 0 to 100kph. When it comes to top speed, 177kph seem enough to me.

The technical department holds other surprises as well, because the Chevrolet Forester is equipped with a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system which allocates power to all the wheels. Because of this system the driver has a better control over the SUV during the ride offering the passengers safety and comfort. Other features, like the fog lights and the rear suspension are also useful when the driver is confronted with more unusual driving conditions. Moreover, the wheels are made of alloy and provide a better control of the car while the existing dampers that include springs provide a faster reaction to rebound. The transmission of the SUV comes with a dual range gearbox.

When it comes to fuel economy, the Forester has a good rating if we take into account its size and weight. This Chevrolet SUV consumes only 8.0lpk when driving across the city. That’s better than the consumptions associated with other SUVs of similar size. But on the highway, the Forester’s fuel consumption reaches 10.5lpk.

We all know that the safety items are essential if you are buying a car for your entire family. That’s why the Chevrolet Forester is equipped with a lot of safety features, such as the side protection beams placed in the doors, the SRS driver and co-driver air bags, the antilock braking system or the drop-off type pedal provided with a safety system.

This Chevrolet SUV is well known on the international car market because of its unique components that make it impressive, comfortable and safe. Despite its expensive price, the Forester will make you fall in love with it.

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