Chevrolet Volt already has 50,000 pre-orders one year ahead of launch |

In the last few weeks we’ve been hearing a lot from various automotive industry representatives that fully-electric cars aren’t feasible just yet and how other types of technology, like hydrogen, will be more reliable. But it seems that despite this, General Motors’ future electric model, the Chevrolet Volt, has already amassed over 50,000 pre-orders, according to the company’s PR man, Bob Lutz.

He revealed that even though times are tough, dealerships across the US have recorded much more pre-orders for the Volt than the company expected. He still declined to put a real price tag on the mode, which will be launching next year, but estimates are that it will be around $40,000. Don’t forget though, that anyone purchasing the car will get back 7,500 dollars from the government as an ecological bonus.

If the popularity of the Volt continues to rise, then people will have to wait a bit until GM will be able to produce all of the models in order to satisfy the demand, as according to the road map, the company will reach 50,000 Volt models in 2011.

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Source: Automarket

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