Chevrolet Volt-based MPV set to appear in Beijing |

Patent drawings once again foil the plans of a large carmaker. This time it’s GM, as it has filed a registration for the design of a new MPV model.

What’s so great about this specific patent? How about the fact that it uses almost the same front fascia as the Chevrolet Volt and that one of the designers is Bob Boniface, who also worked on both the Volt and the Opel Ampera. As such, there’s a big possibility that this new people-carried will be using the Volt’s extended-range electric vehicle drivetrain, the Voltec.

This specific model is expected to debut at the Beijing Motor Show later this week, and might make sense in the E-REV lineup that GM wants to slowly create. We can’t say for sure that this will be a traditional 7-seater MPV, given the compact size, so it might be just a more family friendly alternative to the Volt sedan, which is hitting the US market late this year.

Source: Autocar

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