Chevrolet Volt to sound like the Spaceship Enterprise |

Who would’ve thought that one of the hybrid cars’ advantage, the low engine sound, will turn into an actual threat to pedestrians? And we can confirm that, because some time ago we drove the Toyota Prius and almost hit a dog who had no idea we were right behind him. However, recently, groups looking to protect the visually impaired have introduced legislation that will require electric vehicles to have a sound. In order to be compliant with there regulations, Frank Weber, General Motors E-Flex vehicle line executive, announced that the Volt will sound like “when on Spaceship Enterprise you hear the doors close, or use the transporter.” He added that the sound will be “highly technical”, “highly pleasing, almost imperceptible” and will “have no relation at all to a combustion engine” and will be “highly pleasing, almost imperceptible.” The Volt will also feature “a pedestrian-friendly alert” activated by the driver.

Source: Inside Line

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