Child Safety in the Car –

As parents, we are all concerned to keep our children safe while we drive our car, and a mean taking into account every aspect, especially seatbelts, child-safety seats or door locking. We all know that not all the kids feel good while staying buckled up in the car or, even if they have no problem with that, they still can stretch and pull the door handle or who knows what other surprising things.

Even more, studies have revealed the fact that children are able to unbuckle their own car seats, most of them being boys younger than 3.

How can a parent avoid those incidents? – it is recommended to buy child-safety seats with hard-to-reach buckles. – set some rules for the rides, such as the one saying that the car won’t start unless everyone is buckled up safety. – make sure that you have blocked the doors, so that your child not to be able to open them from the inside of the car.

– constantly watch for your child in the rearview mirror.

So, what other safety recommendations do you have for the rides with your child on the back seat?

[Source: Motherproof, Photo]

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