China's BYD reportedly interested in buying Maybach, Mercedes-Benz denies it |

In the last few days, a report has been slowly gathering up momentum in the auto industry. It seems that China’s BYD might be interested in buying Mercedes-Benz’s luxury brand Maybach, if it will be canceled in the near future.

Considering BYD and Daimler are already collaborating in the development of small electric cars for the Chinese market, and that the current Maybach production might be shut down, the move didn’t sound that unlikely.

Luckily for purists, representatives from both companies have come forward to deny the rumors. Daimler revealed that “Maybach is an important part of Daimler’s product portfolio. There is no other decision.” BYD also explained, through a spokesman, that “It’s not true, it’s market speculation.”

As you all know, Mercedes’ Maybach brand is the peak of luxury limousines, but having only sold 200 models in 2009, things are looking bleak. A new facelift for all the range is planned to be revealed soon, but the future isn’t bright for the luxury branch.

Source: Autocar

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