Chris Bangle leaves BMW and the auto industry |

Chris Bangle, Chief of Design for BMW Group and one of the most famoust and controversial characters in the auto industry, has announced today that he will quit his position at BMW and that he will leave the auto industry altogether to pursue his own design-related endeavours. Bangle has been BMW’s Chief of Design since 1992, after working for Opel and Fiat too.

With his designs appreciated by many and hated by even more, one thing’s for sure, Bangle is one of the most infuential designers in the past two decades. He completely changed the ‘face’ of BMW and other car makers were also influenced by his designs. And considering that, starting with 2006, BMW is the world’s largest premium car producer, surpassing Mercedes Benz, we might say that the did a good job and, hate it or love it, his decision is a loss to the industry we all love.

BMW has announced that they’ll continue to use Bangle’s current design cues at least through 2010 and that his post will be taken by the company’s current Head of BWM Automobile Design, Adrian van Hooydonk, who has worked closely with Bangle for the past 17 years. So, what do you think about Chris Bangle’s decision and how it will influence BMW in the future? Don’t forget to drop a comment and let us know.

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